Dear Yogis,

I love doing these newsletter to you, but you have to be reasonably open to new ideas, because I am, and I bring my ideas, my light bulb moments to you (whether you agree or not).

Today most humans on earth search for their creator, and the “Why am I here” question surfaces. They miss the “other side” and search for it, often in vain through looking in the wrong place..  This is very evident in covid when all the distractions are taken away. Whether you believe it or not, if you can feel it or not, this knowing that God is inside us and related to us is  imprinted in our DNA.  You know that you are not a random and chaotic bag of bacteria.

As I have told you, and shown you in my Past Life Process Work, every life you have ever lived is the stepping stone for the one that you are now living.  Each and every one of those lifetimes gave you what you needed to adequately deal with this one.  However, everything from here on in requires purposeful intent..  What that means is that you may have all the knowledge and experiences that you will ever need tucked away, however, it will stay there dormant UNTIL YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN USE IT.  It has to be more than “something interesting”. You have to be able to believe that you can use it. It needs to be a  belief that you own.

A lot of people say that they are living this way, but you can tell from their actions that they are not.  They may be afraid of stepping up.. but most of the time they are simply not ready for this rather large step. They may like to take it, they may believe they have (and even tell me they are enlightened), but by their words and actions you can tell they have not understood..

For those among you who are ready to take this step, the whole process is wonderful, illuminating, purposeful, gratifying.

An affirmation, a meditation “cue” you might use for this is ” I wish to recall those things I have earned in my past lives that will allow me to live longer,  enhance my ability to live with ease and grace, do my work better, and give me peace over the things I desire to do, and the people I have the opportunity to serve”.

When you say this with intent you will be giving directions to your DNA (something we touch on in the Hypermobility Lectures),  and reconfiguring your cellular structure.  Even in our Restorative Yoga Therapy we work Physically to enliven the DNA within the CerebroSpinal System.

In this time of Covid we are being given every opportunity to go inwards. “Know yourself” first and then all things will flow from this.  Still some of you are so fearful of reflection and stillness,  that in this time of mandated isolation, they are filling every corner of their with actions in the belief that they have to.  What they are actually doing is reinforcing blockages, building more and more walls to prevent the knowledge of who they really are coming forth.

I told you years ago that there would come a time when Human counsciousness would play a part in multidimensional  healing – never more needed than now, and never more dismissed than now.. As one changes one thing, it changes the roles of other parts around it.  The Human Being who learns to use the healing layer of the DNA and talks to his cells daily is breathing life into the flame of expanding consciousness. Until we learn this, we are not operating to the full capacity the Creator intended. The energy sits there until you want it.

I could talk for hours on this, and will finish there today….