Good morning

A flurry of newsletters I know.  However.  I have been asked by a number of folk at neighbourhood house, yoga folk, and neighbours, to have  class on eating weeds and making something from nothing.  I have tried this before to an almost NIL result.  Everyone wants to come, but one at a time, precisely at a date and time to suit them.  Not possible.  However, I am trying again….

Where: In the studio and my garden

When Sunday 15th March,  2pm to 4pm

Cost $25

You will look at the plants in situ – in my garden (no scrambling over railway sidings!).  My weeds are the same as yours.  You will be able to harvest yours when you go home.  Some examples of the weeds we will feature, and how to (easily) use them – depending on time of course….. Dandelion, Herb Robert, Mallow, Nettle, Wild Garlic, Wild Roses and Rose Hips, Comfrey, Borage.

At present in my kitchen I have various jams and spreads, and we will discuss these.  We can make them at a later date if this becomes a regular event – I would like it to.  I have made cheese, preserved egg, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, pickled walnuts, walnut sauce and mead all bubbling away at little cost to me apart from time and enthusiasm (and I like to eat!).   By the time you come I will have rose-hip syrup to add to the list.  Later,  acorns will be available for flour and an alternative to kibble wheat.

Here in the Macedon Ranges we have lots of alternative to continuous visits to Coles.  Do come.

To pay:  Direct Debit, C’Wealth Bank: 063806 1019 1251 – The Australasian Yoga Institute.   (or bring the $25 with you).


Don’t forget our Mt.Macedon Hotel lunch.  12.30 on the 28th February.  Look forward to seeing you there.


Namaste.  Jahne…..