Dear Yogis,

I have almost decided how to get over the problems we are having.. problems?  Finding times when we can all get together.  Rather than Zoom classes, I am going to VIMEO them, and then you can download and watch at your leisure.  You (and I) won’t be tied to a time frame.  In the meanwhile you can chat with me on Zoom (fingers crossed!) about your path forward.

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AS I HAVE ALERTED YOU BEFORE,  There is a major paradigm shift unfolding in 2020 with clues to your future being revealed right now.   The stage is being set by expansive Jupiter, taskmaster Saturn, and transformational Pluto, as they all move into retrograde for the next several months.  That is what I was responding to yesterday, but I got a good long sleep, a few meditation opportunities, and I am feeling more together now.  I know the road forward, I can deal with difficulties – How about you?

The result of this retrograde, and it is a big one, these planetary influences will be slowing down. This slow-down is pushing us to reflect on the changes, and pressures occurring in the world, but also in our individual lives.  You can pretend it is not happening, but yogis, IT IS.

We practising yogis are sensitive to planetary changes.  I haven’t responded to the world  as I am now which is only natural because this is a once in 500 years occurrence…  The last time, this Saturn + Pluto aligned in Capricorn was in 1518…coinciding with the Protestant Reformation. At that time even the Catholic Church went through a major upheaval.

Right now – Saturn, which rules economics, government, and business, is being overhauled by transformational Pluto…I strongly expect and am truely hoping that Governments here and overseas will be substantially restructuring.  Wouldn’t that be good!

Jupiter and Saturn align every 20 years, origin in with them a new cycle of business, politics, and social trends.  Over the past 2 centuries, they have been repeated in Earth signs.  This was a time when we saw the industrial revolution.  Now we will be witness to the technological revolution.

As I have been telling my clients….from December 2020, these planets now retrograde,  will shift into air signs for the next 180 years, which will mark  the birth of a new era, creating enormous shifts in the realms of ideas, communications, freedom, and technology.  You may think there is too much on-line, too much reliance on technology now – just wait!   This prominent shift marks the beginning of full steam ahead for the Information Age, as we reflect on recent technological breakthroughs.  There is the promise of many more shifts to come.

It is not all about tearing down of old structures, there will be healing and re-building.  It is not a bad thing.  For healing to occur we need to know the truth, to repent.. to forgive, and then we can move forward.

I am looking at myself, and asking you – What will be restructured in your life?

I am a Capricorn, and I know that as this Saturn conjunct Jupiter begins,  it’s new major cycle in Capricorn throughout 2020, peaking in Aquarius by December 2020…Jupiter brings the promise of opportunities, as Saturn compels us to work hard to manifest our goals. Capricorns ALWAYS work hard, so this is a good time.  Hard to negotiate, but great results.  

And for you?  If you keep going forward, not losing sight of the road ahead, not being caught up in all the bad/fake news Jupiter will bring you all the rewards you’ve been striving towards.

Essentially…We are about to witness unprecedented changes among Society, Government, and Business trends that will transform the future of our lives, and the Earth itself.

This is no time for looking backward with longing, but for reaching forward with excitement and anticipation… holding close to the “YOGA WAY”.

Have a great, clear day.

Namaste.. Jahne