Dear Yogis…

What a day yesterday – a whirlwind of emotions, frustrations, learnings, acceptances, refusals….  I was warned by both the stars and my pendulum, but I don’t often get in the middle of a retrograde storm, and it was not nice.  The positive energy vortex is where I try to live.


Yesterday I wasn’t sure if I was the person on the empty chair, the empty chair or the sculpture, wooden and waiting.   I feel more on track today which is a good thing.  I was told to get back on the mat frequently today and I have and will.

I am still not sure about zoom CLASSES.  Not because I don’t want to do them (and it is not my favourite thing), but because we are all doing so many things to keep afloat that I just can’t co-ordinate classes for my students.  Either they are too busy or I am too busy.  No time suits us all.  However, I still am keen on monthly teacher training,   and I am exploring other ways to do things.  The monthly in-person class is safe, and maybe a following Sunday on-line teacher training class will be an option.  We’ll see.

Maybe if I can do something via a video and then you can access it whenever you want would be the perfect answer.  Maybe I can do something like that and I am exploring that option.  Until then, from Monday I will be available for on-line zoom consults – one-on-one.  They will be $85 rather than the $125 I charge for in-house.  Theoretically they will be one hour duration.  If you are interested, email me, book a time, Direct Debit the fee,  and I will send you your zoom ID close to the time.  It seems very removed from reality – but it is THE NEW REALITY and I just have to get used to it.

Yesterday, it didn’t help that I was exploring Covid to put in the newsletter, and concerned political parties and others were sending me negative news – it mounted up, gathered force, and soon I was getting all sorts of negativity from all sides, even from students.

I now know how the rest of the world feels.  It helps politicians if we are less alive, less positive,  because then we are less rebellious, more “normal”, more obedient… we are less of a danger to them and more pliable.  If you are really alive, and yoga helps you to be that, you are a danger to everyone who tries to exploit you -who is a parasite.

Who among you would rather die than be a slave, because even death for a fully alive person is not death – it is the culmination of life.  Even when dying he goes on living intensely and totally.  He is not afraid of death, he is not afraid of anything.

Below is a link to an article about Covid and Ventilators.  It is a true article as far as I can tell (and there are not that many), but if you are not wanting to think about it, don’t open it. If you do open it you have the option if at any time you need this facility to choose.  The picture is a whole lot different than the media paint.

Here’s why hospitals use ventilators, how they work, and what happens once you come off one.

I say you my students, that LIFE IS ITS OWN GOAL.  Drop all goals, drop all ideas of the future.  forget completely that there is going to be a tomorrow.  Be totally concentrated on the present moment, the here and now.  In living this way, concentrated on a single moment, we will be able to know life in its eternity.

Remember, from next week I will be available for one on one zoom consults….  Decide on a time by looking on my schedule in “classes” on the web site.  Don’t choose a time when I am teaching please.  We will also have to work around other consults.  Give yourself a few options.  When you do come on line, have your questions organised and written down.  It is amazing how blank your mind goes when you are sitting in front of a screen.  If you would prefer the phone, then that is an option.  We can also do one-on-one keeping in mind all the covid restrictions….washing, health, distancing.  But it is possible.  Payment:$85 for zoom and phone $125 for one-on-one. To book/enquire. Email me:

Another beautiful day in Paradise….

Have a happy sunny day – watch funny movies (laugh a lot)