Dear Yogis,

Monday already and only a few days to the Easter Holidays (School holidays have already begun! Holidays, holidays)… keep in mind Covid does not take a holiday and beware.  We already have new covid cases reported in to us, and students absent.

NATURALLY DYED EASTER EGGS – Making these naturally dyed eggs with herbal tea is so easy!   I have made these eggs when I had children at home .  For Easter and also during the year (as a way of preserving eggs) I have used red onion skins which gave a beautiful mahogany red without the addition of any mordant (and I got to eat the eggs afterwards). This week i will make these and show you in the Wednesday newsletter.

Calendula, turmeric, and hawthorn berry were definitely better with vinegar added to the dye.   Lavender and elderberry were arguably better with alum added to the dye, but the vinegar versions worked well.  Chamomile and rose hip were about the same with alum or vinegar.  Alum may be bought from some hardware stores, Natural health food stores, and on-line of course.  I am sure our local cook shop would get it in if I alerted them to the use at easter.

Here are the herbs that I used:  Hawthorn berry, Calendula, rose hips, lavender, chamomile, turmeric, red onion skins.  There are fields of dandelion flowers which you could use, and chive flowers, but neither of them have given a beautiful colour for me.  I am told that green tea and rooibos work, and can imagine they do, although I haven’t tried them.   If you want a real pink then use beetroot and remember vinegar in the dye.

  1. Hard boil the  number of eggs that you would like to color.   I recommend using white eggs as the color will show up better on them than on brown eggs, although for the onion skin method, it doesn’t matter because the colour is so dark.

2.  Next, make the herbal teas. Put about 1/4 cup of dried herb or about 4 tea bags  into a pint jar. For the dried flowers like calendula and chamomile, closer to 1/2 cup.

3.  Then boil some water and pour it over the herbs in the jars. Let the herbal teas steep

4.  Add either one teaspoon of alum or one tablespoon of vinegar to the tea. The tea can also be split up into two jars if you want to do one with alum and the other with vinegar – the colour will be different.

Leave until the colours are as you want (maybe a couple of hours steeping).  After they have cooled, polish with a soft cloth.  They look beautiful.

   THE ONION SKIN DYE –  My favourite..….   These are called “Morrocan Eggs” and is a way to preserve eggs, the colouring is not just an easter activity.  Chose the number of eggs you want to process and add to a saucepan and cover with cold water and the red outer onion skins.  Gently simmer until the eggs have reached a good colour.  You could possibly do this in a slow cooker although I haven’t.  The water needs to be kept at just before the boil temperature – simmering.  It can take an hour or two depending on the heat of the water.  The colour is a beautiful mahogany pattern.

If the eggs are slightly cracked, then you will see a marbling in the white when you remove the shells.  After the few hours of cooking and by action of the oil in the onion skins, the yolks become creamy, not crumbly as is usual in hard boiled eggs.

Apart from the fun of an easter egg, these eggs will last in the fridge for a long time, I am told months, but they never get a chance at my place.

TANTRIC Bach Flower Essences .  It is especially in working with flowers, that we have a compendium of remedies supportive to our individual and collective evolution, for it is in the realm of plants,  trees and flowers that we are able to address and heal our minds and emotions. There is nothing like the power and gentle beauty of flower essence medicine. Working with them, in my opinion, is the plant kingdom’s greatest gift for yogis, especially.


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All inclusive price (herb, zoom, postage) – $85

Please make a zoom consult so we can be sure the teas will suit you and help you on your road to wellness.  Email me for your next step


BUYING HERBS FOR YOUR CLINIC.  I am drying and preserving herbs and I have excess in some areas that I could sell to you for your own use.  Please email me with the names of the herbs you are searching for and I can give you my list and prices.