Dear Yogis,

The sun is out, and my front garden is covered with a cloud of white petals.  It looks like it has been snowing, hopefully that is a joy we can have next winter.  Yesterday my sister emailed me from England – she said it was winter – cold, dark and damp.  I had to say to her it was summer here – also cold, dark and damp.

Next week is our last week in the studio before Christmas.  I am keeping in mind it is only 30 or so days until Christmas is well behind us and we can get back to what we might now call “normal”.  Although everyone is noticing that prices are going up, and we are having to pull in our belts, I have never had such a “social” time over christmas.  I could go out almost every night.  Maybe everyone is drowning their sorrows.

I was asked to organise ANOTHER end of year lunch at The Vic.  I thought you would be too busy, but no, great enthusiasm.  The hard part as usual was organising a date and time.  We have all come together on Monday the 19th at 1pm which would normally be a yoga class time.  I thought you might be in a Monday Routine and could get together, and I was right for once.

You will be pleased to learn that although no-one locally was interested in “Christmas Tree Bears” to give away, THE NSW FLOOD RESCUE TEAMS were overjoyed, and I will be bear free by the end of next week.  It was a perfect result.


My main project for the new year (academically) is to get my CertIV in Disability.  This week I did the dreaded NDIS training.  It was all on line.  THREE  hours of a training course with small tests after each module.  Pleasant graphics, gorgeous videos, and sensible questions.  Not too bad.  Then, the horrible NDIS ID Screening.  Horrible.  I got through it and was about to take a breath thinking the photo at the end would be simple.  TWENTY or so goes later I finally got an image that the computer recognised.  After each 5 goes the WHOLE ID quit and I had to re-enter.  At least I now know who I am!!!  I had a stiff drink at the end and feel so pleased that I finished it.  It was also great to know that it takes some people much longer, and then for some it takes 3 month+ to get the ID actioned.  For me it took less than 24hours.  I am now a “REAL” NDIS person, and hopefully can help even more people be introduced to yoga.

I can’t wait to get all this out of the way so that i begin an add-on TEACHER TRAINING COURSE IN DISABILITY.  You will love it!  Once I have got myself organised you will be able to sail through on my coat tails so to speak.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Once you are trained you will be in BIG demand and can contract yourself out to Disability Centres, teach one-on-one and take classes in studios specifically for the disabled……  It is exhausting work but heaps of fun.


CHRISTMAS YOGA.  Closing the week of the 12th DECEMBER to 9th January. 

Monday Studio
 –  1pm class,  2.15 class as usual. ZOOM FREE BACH FLOWERS STUDY 6.30pm 
Don’t forget the free lunch at the Uniting Church in Forest St next to the Police Station. 12.30 Mondays.
Tuesday –  9.30 and 1.30 Jahne Teaching at Windarring  
Wednesday Studio –  1pm Restorative.
THURSDAY – Windarring at 1.30 – Goodbye free day!!

MONTHLY YOGA LUNCH.  NEXT – Monday 19th December at 1pm at the Vic in Woodend.  RSVP if you haven’t already???

See you at the Studio.