Good morning yogis.

It is a new day, a new week and we are back to zooming.

Monday:  1pm zoom Hatha yoga, 5.30 zoom Free Teacher Training – Mary Magdalen
Tuesday: 7.30pm The Magdalen Group.  A deep Study – booklet to accompany the course out soon. My notes for the study made into a booklet.  I will get it to you as soon as I can.  Even if you haven’t done the study you will love to read about this remarkable woman.
Wednesday: 5.30 Zoom Restorative Yoga
Friday:(Hopefully out of lockdown) – STUDIO HATHA YOGA 5.30 (A new Class – vacancies available but please let me know if you want to come.  There is a maximum covid imposed student number. email:
Saturday: Zoom Yoga Business Development (free).
Taking stock and moving forward after lock-downs
Sunday: 10am. Topic – The Book of the Dead.  A fabulous study about living life to the full.



There will be no group classes until after the lock down.  WE WILL BE ZOOMING until Friday unless extended..  

The Covid rules as they apply to me in the studio.    You can exercise for two hours per day with your household or one other person (who doesn’t live with you) with as long as neither of you travel more than 5km from your home.  You can travel for “health” and “care” –  which seems to cover what I do .

IF YOU VISIT ME for health or personal reasons/massage (No studio yoga until end of lock-down):  If you have a fever, breathing difficulties, breathlessness, cough, sore throat, fatigue or tiredness, and if you have visited or been visited by anyone from the hot-spots,  – we ask you to email or text me and reschedule your appointment.   When you enter and exit the centre, please sign in with the Q code,  and ensure you use our sanitising station, which will be clearly seen as you walk into the reception/yoga area.

I am allowed a “bubble” of one visitor.  Please do not visit with a family member, partner or friend.

COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures we are taking (all through covid) include:

Wiping down tables, desks, chairs and door handles between each client. Multiple sanitising stations around the centre.

All linen/towels used in treatment room  changed after each client.  Props sanitised with high pressure steam.

All wearing masks at all times in our centre. (This is now optional, we will continue to wear a mask during massage when appropriate).

All clients to wear a face mask prior to entering,  and optional during your visit.

All visitors will be asked to sign in or (Q code available on front and back doors), and sanitise their hands at entry and exit.



FREE One-hour consultation over zoom – Saturday 5th June at 10.30am

Free, no obligation – yes, I know you are a yoga teacher/artist/masseur or coach… but we are all in business and some of us are struggling (again)  When you are part of the Sangha, we are all in this TOGETHER.

No matter how well you think you’re going, every business has areas where it can improve – Productivity and exploring new areas, project management, cashflow and budgeting, planning, customer service, marketing and lead generation.  Any areas of your yoga business you are worried about at the present time… Let’s talk through them and find solutions – Covid lockdown is the perfect time to consider these issues.

I am willing to spend an hour with a group, free of charge or obligation, to show you how to boost your businesses, even in these difficult times.   I’ve done this for many, many art and yoga businesses, including many of my own, and I am still doing it, still in business, and still loving it!

Lockdown is the perfect time to book this one-hour free GROUP consultation. Email me to arrange your free, group consultation over zoom.


Before Covid I had put together a new HOME STUDY course for people aspiring to be DEATH DOULAS.  Those Compassionate Companions who midwife people through the process of dying… and it is a process (physical death, emotional, spiritual).

Those who have been studying with me on zoom through Covid –  The ‘Gita, Rumi and now The Tibetan Book of The Dead, will have an advantage and more resources to draw on.   I am glad I waited too, it is wonderful how everything weaves together.

Covid caused me to go in other directions, but I am back on track.  The course will include zoom study times with me, and completion will  achieve a certification that will allow you to move into this work.  There will be a home-study component.. but I think you would be able to complete in 8 to 10 weeks.  I will let you know when this course is ready for you to enrol – as usual when I launch a new major program there will be scholarships. .

Just as when weaving
One reaches  the end
With fine threads woven throughout,
So is the life of humans