Dear Yogis,

Last night, Tuesday night, we considered IDA, PINGALA, AND SUSHUMNA.  Not to define or describe them fully (who could???), but to develop an understanding.

To do this we have to look at the chakras and we will be hovering over all things chakra for some time.  We started with the physical – the cerebrospinal system (Hypermobility), now we are looking at the nadis, and these are linked to the Chakras.  I was not sure which to study first, but I am happy we chose the nadis.  Especially as we consider them in the course under the name meridians, and also as the three spinal nadis.

So, if you want to know more about the “mystical” aspects of your yoga, you might like to make Tuesday evenings a priority.

Awakening the chakras is a process which must be experienced if the soul is to evolve and enlightenment is to be reached.  One of the Upanishads says that one cannot reach enlightenment without understanding and recognising the chakras, and my experience bears this out (although. I am not enlightened).

Whichever chakra awakens first differs from person to person.  This is due to our karma, our nature, and the difficulties we have. Over-activating or overworking  the paranormal abilities by concentrating one one chakra is likely to cause disease in the internal organs associated with that chakra.  In all things,  BALANCE.

Satyananda recommends that the yogis first attempt to activate AJNA before any other chakra.  His reason for this is that Ajna has the ability to dissolve karma, in this way it lessens the the possibility of danger which may arise when the lower chakras are activated.

Originally the Sanskrit root of AJNA means “to command”. I have always been taught that Ajna is the command centre.  It is located where the three nadis join to form a single passage which continues up to the Sahasrara.  Part of the life force collects there, the rest is dispersed throughout the physical, astral and causal bodies.

To find out more, enrol in our Tuesday evening sessions.  They are “enlightening”.

Please mark in your diary the Sunday morning 10am repeat of our lesson on the PURUSHATRAS.  Two hours is not nearly long enough, but I am sure is enough to get you off the sofa and at the very least into Dr.Google.

I do really have to charge for our sessions (wish I didn’t). However,  I try to keep the cost down.  My charges are $85 for a tarot or other consultation of 1 hour duration,   and $75 for 4 yoga sessions.. The lectures are $20 for a two hour teacher training and $35 for three shorter Tuesday night lectures.

WHAT YOU CAN DO?  If you are working, or “independently wealthy”, or just want to help, you could purchase an extra seat in yoga or the lectures for a friend, or one of the students who is doing it tough, and there are students out there you could assist.