Dear Yogis,

Another gorgeous day, with more rain promised, but the “dump” predicted by the BOM getting less by the hour.  Looks like 20ml which on sodden ground will show, but a whole lot better than 100 to 200ml.

We are managing way better than our yoga graduates, yogis and family in Shepparton, Echuca and Moama, where the water is rising as you read this.    You are in our hearts.  The water is rising all along the rivers and tributaries of the Murray,  and life is particularly difficult (an understatement).  In many ways a fire is better because when the front has passed there is nothing left and you can start again.  In a flood, when the river subsides there is wet and mud left behind.  An impossible situation and this doesn’t go away for years….



Watching the ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW, just saw Barbara Cartland’s Teddy Bear complete with pink ribbon and diamanté’s, and found

it via Google.   I would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have that one, even for a little while.  I have bears to love, bears to fix, and bears to give away, and, I have a person coming up from the Geelong Branch of the Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia to collect a batch… how exciting.

*Mandatory Credit: Shutterstock Photo by Bruce Adams



I was teaching at Windarring yesterday.  I love it, but I have observed one thing that is often forgotten by the carers, and that is that inside the twisted body or twisted mind and therefore twisted responses is a real person. A thinking, living, emotional (and in the case of Windarring) mature person.  I get upset when I see them being judged by their actions, and treated like children.  The actions that happen in response to your directions,  may not be relative to what the person is thinking.

Be patient, try and imagine what they are trying to do and don’t do it for them, which from their point of view could be experienced as being forced.  Wait, repeat slowly, gently.  My advice – look at the eyes, and not at the hands or the body.  Stand in front of your client, and teach to the eyes, and reward gently when the appropriate response has been achieved by the client – it may not be exactly what you anticipated, but it is a response, and the best that can be done at that moment.  The next week, the next class we will start again AT THE BEGINNING. NB: Bears really do help in this exercise in communication.  


HERBS+Cannabis COURSE (again)

I am going to try again with this.  Although in Australia Cannabis/CBD cannot be legally prescribed except by Licensed Doctors (who rarely know anything about this magnificent herb), the position in time will change, and we will come into line with the rest of the world.

As usual with my courses, this is online, and self-paced.  Imagining and preparing for the future… we will explore the many ways you can safely and responsibly invite this storied botanical into your herbal practice with intention and respect.

Learn the multi-layered history of cannabis and its legalization status before diving into botany and key terms, like the difference between cannabis and hemp. With that information under your belt, you’re well-prepared to explore the phytochemistry and therapeutic properties of cannabis, including both THC and CBD, and how they interact with our body’s fascinating endocannabinoid system. You’ll learn how to make cannabis preparations from the garden up, including oils and tinctures, that you can then use (when the time is right) in the herbal recipes we share.

Whether you’re completely new to cannabis and hope to cut through the clutter and discover the truth about this special plant —  this much-anticipated course has something for everyone!

Enroll before the first week in November 2022 to get the early bird price.
If you are interested, please Email

Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term. (The Term – 3rd October until the week starting the 12th December).

Monday –  1pm class,  2.15 class as usual. ZOOM FREE Teacher Training 6.30pm 
Don’t forget the free lunch at the Uniting Church in Forest St next to the Police Station. 12.30 Mondays.
Tuesday 9.30 and 1.30 Teaching at Windarring
Wednesday 1pm Hatha and 2.15 teacher training as usual
THURSDAY – Goodbye free day!! 1.30 Windarring.
 11am ADVANCED ART class, followed by 2.15 Hatha yoga as usual.

SUNDAY BOTANICAL ART CLASS.  2.30 TO 4.30 you missed two, two to go.  You are welcome as always. This weekend in spite of the lack of half the class, we did Japanese ink painting… just to get a hang of the brush work.


I look forward to seeing you – or your dolls – on the mat.