Good morning Yogis,

Yoga luncheon this coming Thursday, 12noon at the Victoria in Woodend.  The last one for the year.  I hope those of you who have been putting it off all year can join us.

“A Universal theology is impossible… but a universal EXPERIENCE is not only possible, but necessary”.  …from a “Course in Miracles”.

Over the last few months, the number of distressed people coming to yoga/healing has increased.  Anxiety is in the air and the sensitive pick it up, and personalise it.  No matter what difficulties we face as a nation and/or individuals from an economic, emotional or material standpoint, there has been no better time than NOW to join with SOURCE – no matter your view or name for this fundamental energy.

We encourage everyone to accelerate their spiritual practices and work hard to achieve a personal (and global) healing.  This is not about coming into agreement with anxiety (commonly called Sympathy, often mistaken for empathy), but moving towards a shared experience of Source.  

We all make mistakes, take inappropriate action and move in the wrong direction at some time.  Correction is up to us.  Realise your mistake, realign to your true nature and your true course.  Correction or healing cannot take place until you realise and fully understand what the illusion of sickness was for.  THE REASON FOR THE SEEMINGLY WRONG TURN.

Turn back, begin again – even if you must begin at the very beginning.  Above all else be thankful.  Gratitude is the release from both guilt and sickness. Remember that your first step may be the one leading to us.  I am available (around consultations and classes) at a time to suit us both for PPT (Reiki/energy healing), Bach Flower Remedies and yoga.  All by appointment.  Please, dip your toe into this energy.

I will see you on the mat.