Dear Yogis,

Every day is exciting around here.  I have had my solar panels installed! waiting for the inspector to OK and turn it on.  One of my students came in yesterday who had her solar panels installed by the same company and now has $15 electricity bills!  How terrific is that, especially considering how much we each paid for our system.  

I was quoted locally everything from $7,000 to in excess of $20,000 and didn’t believe it when I got the OzSolar quote.  With OZ SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS I had the whole thing installed and on the roof for $3,300!  

I have spoken to them about our Yoga Institute and the newsletter, and if you want yours at the fabulous price like they gave to me, then mention that you were referred by me to get a price like this one.  If you want to take advantage of this great price, I think the Government made it possible to get interest free loans for solar panels – not sure, but I know it was possible. However even if you paid with your card you would still save heaps.

I had been put off by other companies.  They whinged about the roof, to excuse their massive prices they told me theirs were special panels, they had all kinds of considerations but OzSolar Energy Solutions helped every step of the way, especially with the “Paper Panic” – I hate forms and they held my hand and eased me through the forms you need to fill in to get all the rebates.  If like me you have been holding back, please jump in with Oz Solar.  Speak to Jennifer:     and tell her I sent you (to get a special price), and save a bundle on the price and start saving on your electricity bills.    I thought “oh well, if it really doesn’t work, then I haven’t spent much!”, but it will work, and I will share everything with you.


The weather is up and down but my trees know that autumn is on the way, and the paths are littered with leaves.  I am looking forward to our HERB CLASS today. Please join us at 6.30pm.  If you haven’t got your ID, if you haven’t joined us before, please do email me and i will send you and ID.


Just a reminder of times and changes.  I will be doing a zoom INTRODUCTION TO DISABILITY YOGA.  When I learn something useful, that add to our studio skills, I bring it to you… and I am doing it again here.  I will keep you posted.


CLASS TIMES:  (Windarring –  Tues x 2 +Thurs+Fri).

STUDIO WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm, 2.15pm Wed. Restorative 1pm .

FREE ZOOM HERBAL WORKSHOP.  Mondays at 6.30 on zoom.

ZOOM – YOGA FOR DISABILITY Please register your interest – Maybe a Thursday or Friday evening zoom would suit us all.  Let me know or I will make an executive decision.   The zoom will include the book chapter by chapter.

APPOINTMENTS IN THE STUDIO – I am available for massage, hand massage, Bach Flowers and Tarot… you choose your combo and we will explore them together. $85 per session no matter how we put it together.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  “THE FULL MOON SALOON”, Last Saturday in the month, 25th Feb. at 1pm. I have booked and look forward to you joining us.