Dear Yogis,

Things are changing, and thank goodness, people are having the confidence to come back to yoga and to start teacher training.  It could be you.  It means that in spite of difficulties we are starting to have confidence in the future.  Congratulations to those who have stepped up to the plate.

Last week I told you that I had purchased a paper-brick maker in order to constructively use all the paper and cardboard generated by this office.  Kogan delivered it this morning! How speedy is that!  Nothing, no business beats their speed of delivery (or their price and FREE DELIVERY).  Now all I have to do is actually make the bricks – because I have now told you, I am forced to do it.  Those people who have started teacher training could take a leaf out of my book and tell everyone that they are trainee yoga teachers.  The people you tell will not forget, and their reminders will help keep you on track.

Not one of my artworks, but definitely orb-like.


I was woken up last night by a very definite nudge from someone “on the other side” to get me to do this.  I am hoping that you had the really strong urge to study, and this call-out to the universe caused them to wake me up to the fact that there was a group out there who wanted to do this.

Restorative is perfect for this time.  I was looking at the news coming out of Europe especially about long-covid.  People who have not had any of the usual symptoms, but are exhibiting post covid results long term, troubling enough for some people to be almost disabled.  This community is usually one that was super fit before these symptoms appeared.  Covid is very sneaky.  Students who love yoga and can no longer do yoga every day CAN DO RESTORATIVE YOGA.  This is a wonderful enriching alternative, and I predict we will have larger Restorative classes from here on in… (if you offer Restorative Classes – there are some clients who may not know this is an alternative).

Of course RESTORATIVE YOGA will be an option for the new trainee teachers for their ELECTIVE topic.  Someone out there really wants to do this – or needs to do this – enough to get a “psychic nudge” to happen.  For those students who sign up for their Yoga teacher training before I start this new round,  I will add RESTORATIVE if they want to do it as their elective AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.    Please email your interest.


CURRENT SCHEDULE: (Studio Yoga – Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm are Full)


ZOOM: Mon. 6.30 Gita, Tues. Herb workshop 7.30, Friday 6.45 Tarot on holidays until 29th April.
STUDIO:Mon. 1pm (full), Wed. 1pm Restorative (full), Friday 1pm Hatha,  SATURDAY 1PM RESTORATIVE YOGA (can be seated  exercises).
MONTHLY LUNCHEON:  Thursday 26th May at 12noon at “The Vic” in Woodend (If you are running a bit late, relax, it’s OK – drop in for dessert).

CONSULTATIONS: Tarot/Bach/Bowen or a combo – by appointment only.  $85 including remedy (including postage if zooming)  Past-Life (QHHT taught by Dolores Cannon) $250 via email or in the studio.  The reading includes Time, date, place of the prior life. To discuss,  email

(TANTRIC) HERBS – HERB BAGS.  $53.50 for 7.  Each bag will last at least 2 days steeping.  This includes a Bach Flower Essence given to complement the tea.  This is not a usual tea, it is a Herbal remedy taken as tea in a tea bag – I cannot emphasise enough how essential I believe these are for your well being.  I take them myself EVERY DAY, and feel fabulous.  I think over time we will all get some form of covid, but I believe my herbs will help me through.  If I send them to you add $6 for postage.

Most popular “SMOKING HERBS”.  If you want an alternative to cigarettes, or want to really relax, chill, then this could be for you.  All natural, all gentle, no chemicals.  You will find them on

Please make a zoom consult ($85 for the zoom including your tea).  I would prefer to see you so we can be sure the teas will suit you and help you on your road to wellness. You can email if you don’t like zoom… and  YOU CAN ALWAYS DROP IN FOR HERBS TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION – DRIED, FRESH OR TO GROW…. A studio consult may include PPT MASSAGE or BOWEN, the herbs, tarot counselling… whatever is needed.  Email me for your next step