Dear Yogis,

As I said to my last nite’s class , yesterday (Tuesday the 4th August correct- astrologically if not by date) it is believed that The Buddha was conceived.

The most beautiful telling of the tale can be found in “THE LIGHT OF ASIA” by sir Edwin Arnold.  It is in verse, but don’t be put off.  It casts light on the whole of Buddha’s life and is very beautiful.  Once you have got with the mood and the music of the words you won’t be able to put it down.


That night the wife of King Suddhodana,
Maya the Queen, asleep beside her lord,
Dreamed a strange dream; dreamed that a star from
Heaven –
Splendid, six rayed, in colour rosy pearl,
Whereof the token was an Elephant
Six tusked and white as milk of Kamadhuk
Shot through the void, and shining into her,
Entered her womb upon the right.
Awaked, bliss beyond a normal mother filled her breast,
And over half the earth a lovely light forewent the morn.
The strong hills shook; the waves
Sank lulled; all the flowers that blow by day came forth
As’t were high noon; down to the farthest hells
Passed the Queens joy, as when warm sunshine thrills
Wood glooms to gold, and into all the deeps
A tender whisper pierced. “Oh ye” it said,
Uprise and hear, and hope! The Buddha is come!”

 It is suprising how closely this resembles in image the conception and later the birth of Jesus.  The details are different but the idea of the “immaculate” conception is common to both. In the Jesus story Mary was told by an Angel she was “special”, “chosen” among women for this task.  She was asked by an angel if  she would agree to the transaction and made pregnant by “God”. In the Mary story the community where she lived was less than pleased, and Mary banished herself to her cousin Elizabeth’s house until everything cooled down.  Only John the Baptist (who was still a feotus in Elizabeth’s womb) “jumped for joy”…. But essentially, it is the same story.

I am moved by both stories, and in this time of isolation and strangeness, it is still an idea I like to think about.  Believe or don’t believe it, it really doesn’t matter… just open your mind to a few new possibilities.

Also this week Adhe Tapontsang passed away aged 92 in Dharamsala.  Beloved by Tibetans, she was one of the most well known Tibetan activists and was imprisoned by the Chinese for many years (27?).  I don’t put in the number because it is hard to believe, but true.  Many reading this will be 27 years old or younger.  Imagine being incarcerated for  your entire life.  (Nelson Mandala was also imprisoned for 27 years…)

All in all a very “interesting” time we live in.


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HAVE A (SUNNY) LOVELY DAY – Live long and prosper.