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Not long now to Christmas, which feels like it is tomorrow…. it has been Christmas in the shops since after Cup Day!

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BAYBERRIES.. a recipe
An old American saying goes…..
“A bayberry candle burned to the socket
Brings food to the larder
And gold to the pocket”
This old farmer’s tale is one of the iconic traditions of Christmas.  When this poem was written there were no chemical based fragrances, so Bayberry although very mild, would have been a valuable Christmas treat. It is said to smell like “winter”.   Bayberry is not available here commercially yet, although it is a native plant, and in the States is scarce and to our tastes only mildly scented.

But northern (native) Bayberry is much more than just a source of perfume for candle wax, and a whole lot different to the commercially grown Red Bayberry.    The native plant was used traditionally (and still is) for its astringent, drying qualities and in the USA made up into a concoction called “Composition Powder” useful for drying up coughs and colds, and protecting the body against infection. It was also used as a general tonic in all cases of debility and is taken as a preventative measure against disease, particularly during outbreaks. It is also helpful to be used at the first sign of any acute ailment such as a cold, flu, cough or sore throat.  Fantastic at this time when we are all very sensitive to colds and respiratory infections.  
This old remedy is still used today for colds, flu, as an eye wash, anywhere that an astringent, drying remedy is needed.Here’s the recipe.  I have it in my winter stash, and also make it into teabags which is easier to access and use.Composition Powder
1 cup Bayberry Bark, powdered
½ cup Pine or Spruce bark, powdered
½ cup Ginger Root, powdered
1 tbsp. Cloves, powdered
1 tbsp. Cayenne pepper, powdered
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