Dear Yogis,

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I hope to see you at Teacher Training, 6.30 tonight (our free session), and Tomorrow at the RUMI STUDY GROUP. 


As you know I have been exploring smoking as part of my research for the book I am writing ‘SMOKIN’ – THE YOGA OF SMOKE”  I now only have references and stockists to list and I am done.

I have spoken to artists and sculptors around the world trying to learn more about different clays and firing for the pipes, and using herbs that have been smoked by ancient tribes for centuries.  I understand that not all of you smoke, or are prepared to, however, you may like to put my little “sleep pillows” into your pillows and get the benefit in that way – or burn the herbs in a bowl like incense.

I have made little herb bags to put in your pillows.  and I think I have decided on a tiny pipe design…I want to paint and decoupage them.  Every pipe will be different.  They are all inert.  No chemicals, no glues in the clay or in the making.  So if you smoke you will be inhaling ONLY the herbal benefits, and no chemicals from the manufacture of the pipe.

The picture on the right is the basic, undecorated pipe shape.  It is small, can fit gently into a hand, and will be very arty when finished.  Not for settling back and smoking through a feature film, but for a gentle short, relaxing use of smoke as in Ayurveda.

When the book is finished, I will put it, the herb bags, the herbs for burning, and the pipes on my site.  If you want to get the first editions, then let me know and I will keep you personally informed of my progress.



Thank you for the feedback about my movie reviews.  When a student asked me if I was going to subscribe to Netflix last year I replied that I certainly was not planning to sign up.   I had more than enough to do without more movies.  I am glad that I relented.  Same as zoom – same response, same ending. When do I watch?   I eat a plate of vegetables or fruit for lunch and Asian series which usually last about 20 minutes per episode fit beautifully with my schedule.

“NAVARILLA  (Netflix)” – This is a Korean series about an older man (Mr.Sim) who wants to learn ballet.  His father would not allow him to join the ballet when he was 9.  Now he is in his seventies, and has not lost the desire to dance.  He wants “…….TO SOAR FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE”.  It is an inspiration to watch this older, shorter, dumpier man among the dancers – they are tall, they are beautiful, and they can certainly dance.  Even if you only want to watch the ballet this film is worth the time.

Mr. Sim is a laughing stock in the beginning, but as in all Asian countries he is respected because of his age, and this is his only asset at the start.  The ballet master gives the job of teaching him the opening steps to a young ballet star,  hoping that taking responsibility for Mr.Sim will teach him commitment and patience. In spite of the fact that even the simplest of moves were almost impossible in the beginning, Mr.Sim is totally committed but not impatient.  He has a beautiful heart and his interactions with the dancers (and his initially disapproving family) changes everyone.  He does everything he can, takes on any role necessary, to help the dancers so they will help him.

A question he asks people, and is repeated throughout the movie is “ARE YOU DOING WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY”?  Mr.Sim is trying to please no-one but himself for the first time in his life.  He is going against family, friends and even the ballet master, and is prepared for any discomfort because he LOVES ballet.  After the tall and very beautiful young star becomes impatient with his new student, the ballet master asks the star to consider the fact that just because Mr.Sim is old, it does not mean that he loves the ballet less, or has less ambition to succeed.  To keep in mind that Mr.Sim is doing what makes him happy – joyful in fact.  He LOVES ballet.  He is not seeking perfection.  The young star IS!

We love yoga, and it is better for us if we are not seeking perfection, if we fall in love with yoga.  Once we do that, like Mr.Sim, we will be unstoppable.

We can all learn a lot from this movie.

  1. Are we doing what makes us happy, or are we pleasing others?
  2. Are we doing what we “SHOULD” do, not what our heart tells us?
  3. How much discomfort would we put up with to live the life of our dreams.
  4. Would we confront the ingrained attitudes of family and friends in order to accomplish our dreams?
  5. Do we believe that we deserve to live the life of our dreams?
  6. How can we help others along the way?

Once you answer these questions and learn what it is you WANT, everything will change for you.  It is OK to be selfish. When you achieve what you want and are happy, it gives everyone else the desire and opportunity to be happy too.

Remember the words from the Qur’an, ” If you seek comfort you will not find the truth. If you seek the truth you may find comfort”.

I WILL SEE YOU ON THE MAT. (Maybe not this time around – but I WILL see you on the mat)