Dear Yogis,

This morning I would like to talk about commitment.  I am teaching about the Chakras tonite and maybe you don’t understand about the connection.  If you have read my book on ETSY “The Chakras – your own Personal Powerhouse“, it says it all.  It is not called “The Chakras – your own Personal Colour Chart”.  They are not coloured pom-poms on your sweater.

Here’s a story.  When I was working in New York there was a story that lit up the press about an important football player who had taken his team to the Super Bowl (like the Grand Finals here).  The press was full of stories about him and speculation about how he was going to play this important final.  Unfortunately,  the day before the game his father died suddenly.  Now his father was not just his best friend, he was this players coach.  Of course the tone of the front page coverage changed.  Then everyone wondered if he would go forward and play, or whether he would stay at home and grieve.  No one would have blamed him if he didn’t front up for the game.

Not only did he turn up, he played the game of his life, and snatched victory from the hands of the other team.  THEN, standing on the podium he dedicated the game and the win to his father.  The Nation went wild!!!! Ticker-Tape parade wild.

If he had gone home and not played no-one would have blamed him, but no-one would have remembered him.  Now the Nation honours and respects him even after all these years, and he is still  an example to those players who are struggling with commitment, as you may be.

Columbus or Captain Cook  would not have been blamed if they had given up when the going got tough.  People would have said they were brave for starting, but with disease, cannibals, storms and a flat earth, no wonder they turned back.  The world, and their patrons would not have blamed them, but would history have remembered them.  Probably not.

At this time of Covid some things are easier to ignore.  Commitment is one of these things.  It is so easy to not turn up for class.  It is just an excuse and a click of the finger, gone. Modules? An excuse and a click of the finger,  gone.  You don’t have to front up, you don’t have to do the modules….you can use covid, or any little thing, curl up in a ball or sit in the sun, and tell yourself everything is fine, you will catch up.  YOU WON’T.  One excuse breeds others and each one gets more believable and bigger.  

The chakras are your personal Powerhouse.  Which of your chakras is out of balance?  Your energy is low, and you haven’t realised what has happened, but you have slipped into apathy and you haven’t even noticed.  You have patted yourself on the back and maybe told yourself that I (Jahne) am unrealistic, ” …How can Jahne think that I can do these difficult things at this difficult time”.  Well I do.  I do expect you to turn up for zoom class, I do expect feedback for the newsletters, I do expect modules to be done on time… and I expect all these things even when you are time-poor and don’t feel like it.  This is yoga.  

Is your “skin in the game”.  Do you love what you do, or are you just going through the motions.  Are your chakras your “personal powerhouse”, or are they just colours on some flags?  

What are you doing to raise your vibrations and the vibrations of those around you?

Nurayev the famous ballet dancer taught ballet from a chair when he was too weak to stand, Fonteyn and many others have still danced when their joins were arthritic and painful.  They didn’t make excuses.  They not only said they loved what they did, they showed us. They worked the top of their body when the bottom wouldn’t move.  They  had “skin in the game”.  

Speaking of commitment.  I spend about one and a half days a week JUST DOING THESE NEWSLETTERS.  I am waiting for your feedback.

 I would like you to come to classes, to lectures, to Teacher Training – especially if “you know more than me and don’t need the training”…  where are you?  What excuses are you telling yourself?  You don’t like me, I am too judgemental,  I am too tough, I ask you to pay (you think I should work for nothing – do you…?)  What’s your excuse?  Who are you blaming? Are your Chakra energies just colours in a book?

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