Dear Yogis,

You all know I am ZOOMLY CHALLENGED! It is true.  I just don’t know Zoom well enough (yet!!!) to fix problems as they arise, and the only comfort is to know that SOME of you out there are having problems too.  One student said that her computer monitor was covered with a cloud of post-it notes reminding her what to do when things went wrong as she zoomed as they apparently do for her and others (and me).

“DO NOT hold the idea, “Well, I know what they are going to say or do, but I’ll do as best I can.” Disregard that! KNOW the spirit with which YE do a thing is the spirit that will respond to thee!”
Edgar Cayce reading 1688-9

However all that being true, I am still pushing ahead… I am going to do a ZOOM Teacher Training on the first Sunday in the month – this coming month – August.  We usually do it in the studio, but because the Shires around us are in lock-down (not us, we are a “yoga” island), and the police are having a lovely time issuing BIG fines, I am going to do it via zoom.  So, if you want to do it Zoomly, then there will be the usual $20 charge, and it will be the same time 2pm to 4pm on the first Sunday in the month.  You will have to DD the money and when that is set,  I will have to send you the session ID and password.   Does this work for you?

I also am going to introduce you to my shop items via Zoom too.  If you want to purchase the tarot, or a book, or a DVD,  but want to see it first, then you can make an appointment and look at it as if you were shopping, but this time via Zoom.  A very personal shopping experience.   I will even bring in herbs, books, artworks, (shoes!), whatever you are interested in that I have for sale.  It should be fun.  I love chatting, and I love the things on my shop – a good combo.   By the way.  I have organised a new shopping experience on my web site shop too, but I won’t be working on it seriously until this Sunday – no time until then!  So, after Sunday, go to the shop, find a few things that you want to see close up with the idea of purchasing the item, and then make an appointment to visit it with me via zoom.  It will be great fun I think.

You can pay vis Direct Debit or PayPal (I am organising “AfterPay”), so everything will be there to assist us to have a great fun experience.

Talking about fun.  Today I made my special fried honey and licorice drops (covid immunity drops).  They are luscious, and they are easy to make, and are a whole lot less expensive than any off the shelf candies.  To get the recipe, go to

Have a great weekend… see you soon.