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If you want a direct answer from me, then as usual,   Mail to go to PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon. Vic. 3441.


YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We now have a You Tube Channel. In order to get a direct link, we need 100 subscribers. Please google “Jahne Hope-William YouTube” have a look at the videos and subscribe IT IS FREE. The videos that are there are tarot, hypermobility, Yamas, purushatras. It is worthwhile – and the subject matter is growing… will include more philosophy, more meditation guidelines.



For the past few weeks I have been searching for a new, dedicated, insurance team for us. I think you will remember when PARMIA under the guidance of Danny Gumm looked after us. It was splendid. We had a hot line, the rates were reasonable, and things went smoothly. Then the law changed, we were not permitted to work as closely with the insurer, and then AJG took over from Parmia. MultiNationals never give us the same dedication that a small team can, and they tripled the price….. More than that, they were/are seem only interested in a head count. They were not interested in efficiency, building relationships, or providing the services that we want or need.

I want to change this. I have been as disappointed and dissatisfied as you all are. I am in conversation with their new team, finding if AJG can give us what we need… and so on. I have had a number of meetings, and hours on the computer trying to resolve this. I will let you know the outcome. It is not easy as the goal post keep on shifting.

 What I do know is this. All but the most obscure Health Funds have removed the yoga (and many other) rebates as the government “rationalised” Extras. It is a backward move for health – but they only look at the bottom line.  This has meant that we have to look at how and why we align to other organisations, and what you get back for your investment (registration and insurance). I will keep you informed.

We are your lineage – you won’t get that anywhere else. You can’t. Your parent is always your parent. The advantage with us has been, and will always will be, that we are a small, high quality teaching institute. You WILL NEVER get a quick course from us, I have each of my students in my heart and mind, and deal with you directly.

Although I don’t sell insurance, I am trying to make sure that you get a fair deal…whether you have a studio, or are a contractor, student or sole practitioner.



DATE of the next Teacher Training: Sunday 7th April 2pm to 4pm  at my home studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend –There is no need to book. Bring writing materials, and be early. If you are teacher Training student then the cost of the afternoon is $20. This fee applies to everyone. (Visitors – not yet training – $30). We will be looking at the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid again.. relative to everything else that we do.

BENDIGO Teacher Training classes – Next class is Tuesday 5th February (and after that, the 9th April) at 3.30pm. Crusoeden Health. Turn at the Metricon building on the highway in Kangaroo Flat just up from Bunnings on the same side.

VIC FIRST AID will be conducting CPR training  (Provide CPR – HLTAID00) at Crusoeden Body Wellness on Friday 15 March 10.00am – 12.30pm. The cost is $60.00 – please contact them if you would like to attend. To book your place please contact Jayne on 0438 353738 or email

Don’t forget that you will need to get a USI code in order to do the class which is Nationally Accredited.  If you haven’t got one, email or


HYPERMOBILITY (the course)   The new course is on the ETSY site.

Watch my FREE UTUBE CHANNEL. Hypermobility, Purushatras, and so on. There is lots there – do one video per day.. Google “Jahne Hope-Williams You Tube”.



Over the past few weeks I have conducted some splendid tarot readings.”WOW!” The energies have been amazing.  Every time this happens, and I meet this amazing space, I know there is lots more to be done on the book which is getting bigger and bigger, especially regarding the psychic aspect of the tarot.  By Psychic, I really mean INTUITIVE.  It is not just about reading from a Deck, it is about having that free flow of information from “spirit”.  It is not about “thinking” and I believe that we are assisted by  prayers and invocations – even silent.  They invoke (call up if you like) a certain healing energy within us.  When we say something with intention, then at some level it is so.  Personally I think of this process as prayer, but I can also call it an invocation – a more universal term

Speaking of Prayer – Regarding the extension to the original deck….I am getting a flow now that tells me that the the new cards GATES AND GUARDIANS will be Psychic cards, not just the “old-ways”.  This is most exciting as I have been waiting for these messages to come through for some time, and now they are fast and strong.

I have been putting actual tarot meanings on the videos – but it can never convey what actually happens at a reading….  on the videos I am walking the viewers through the cards in my Revelation Tarot Deck, and still working on the book..  Google “Jahne Hope-Williams You Tube” to get there. I need 100 subscribers before we are granted an easy link.

If you would like a booking with me, please email, and make a time between my classes – even Sundays.



More Restorative (Remedial) classes. Look at the web site for dates and times.



You will notice from the CLASSES on the Web Site that we now have meditation by donation on Tuesdays at 11am and Sundays at 9.15. Please come. I will be doing yoga nidra plus healing singing bowls.



ART CLASSES: … every Tuesdays between 7 and 9pm. Please call and let me know if you are interested.



PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION. You need to be currently registered for your insurance to be valid, and you will need to supply a copy of a valid registration to be insured.   Please check your insurance requirements – keep up to date. They change quickly.



You will find them on our yogabeautiful web site.    Click on “classes”.




I write books to help you in your course. Please download them, and then please use them in answering your modules. HYPERMOBILITY – The Course…. A certificate course. If you teach yoga, you need this. No excuses.


MODULE DRAWINGS, DOWNLOADS. You will notice on the bottom of every assessment there is a reminder that drawings need to be done, and in your own hand, and downloads of any kind will not be marked. Every page needs to have your name, module number, and page number.


EMAIL/POST:  Please use the email address  for anything to do with accounts,  or the usual to get to me. If you do want to speak to me personally, then email, make a time suitable for both of us, and then we can chat.  If you do it this way, rather than just “wing it”, you can be reasonably sure I have time, and you will get my attention.  POSTAL ADDRESS is not at my home –Please address all land mail to PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon.  Vic. 3441.  Until you see a change written here in large letters, that is where it will be.


Don’t forget to Register if you are teaching even if you have not graduated (especially if you have not graduated), insure and re-subscribe to the videos every 12 months.   Don’t leave these to the last minute.


Love and Blessings


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