It’s a wintery day, and I have been in a cooking mood – especially since I have decided that we will start cookery classes at the studio beginning next Tuesday between 7pm and 9pm.

Here is a “Hemp seed, Date and Gingerbread” cake.  My kitchen doesn’t have a regular oven, I do have a microwave, and this 75cent Coles cake mix, with hemp seed milk instead of cows milk, hemp seeds, spices and dried fruit (dates, sultanas and dried apple diced) added – took about 10 minutes to put together, and 6 MINUTES to cook.  I also grease the ring pan and sprinkle with hemp seeds before I put the mix in to cook.  It helps the cake leave the pan easily, and adds another layer of hemp goodness.

I had a slice for afternoon tea, with a small scoop of home made yoghurt.  When I plated up, I sprinkled the cake with more hemp seeds, cinnamon and a little grated chocolate . I have to say it was FANTASTIC.  No calories, of course.

This cake is also spectacular as biscotti.  When it has cooled down, I will cut it in half.  Put that half in the cake tin, and then the other half sliced and cut into fingers, I bake again.  This time in my little French casserole-style oven for approximately 12 minutes,  at about 180fan until it is crisp. I have just one of these fingers with my evening drink .  Because it is crunchy it is very satisfying.  Cake always has me coming back for more – but with biscotti one small,  crunchy piece is enough.

If you just use your microwave to warm your coffee, or defrost food, try making a cake.  It is sooo very easy – and only takes 6 minutes – honestly.

I like easy cooking, and five ingredients…. and this is such a cake.


Namaste.  Jahne