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I came upon this little page in the box where I keep all your beautiful cards. It seems like it was sent to me by Karen Stone who had a crystal shop in town, years ago. She says in her note to me that she cut it out of a magazine years before she sent it to me. So, blessings to the author wherever they are. 

Someone, somewhere lights a candle to PEACE.
It is a Universal gesture immune to politics.

It pays tribute to no philosophy, materialistic or Messianic.
The candle when lit by people of goodwill serves the good that is in us all.
It cauterizes all that is in us that is evil.
To every force arrayed in anger against an opposing force in the world, the candle’s message is simple…

“The sum of the good you share in your hearts is far greater than those evils that seek to divide you”.

The candle ignited does not detonate, it ILLUMINATES.
It doesn’t challenge the heavens in a thundering roar, it makes its plea in a steady flame, reflected in the eye of a wandering child, or in the squint of an elder who has seen it all.

The candle graces the Menorah as it fits the tree.
It is at home in all the windows of the world.
Its reassurance cannot be measured.

For the good news is that peace is not to be found in the frantic mathematics of war.
It reposes calmly in the magic of the candle.

THE NEW “Qi” (QUANTUM) YOGA at The Australasian Yoga Institute. I am working on the new DVD’s. One on hypermobility and one on a yoga routine that I have devised and fallen in love with. I am doing about 2 hours of my own yoga every day, and feel FANTASTIC. I have send around personal invitations to a new and personal course, very close to my heart, and personally taught by me. I have only sent out to those people I think may be interested. Email me if I have neglected to contact you.


“Sarvadharman parityajya maam ekam saranam vraja,
Aham tva sarvapapebhyo mokshayisyami ma sucha”

Forsaking all other *dharmas (duties),
Remember Me alone.
For I will free you from all sins
(accruing from non-performance of those lesser duties).
Do not grieve!

TODAY – chant this verse and read the translation out loud (cry unto the Lord). Then hand everything over to the Lord. If you have faith, He will take your burdens from you.
The message – DO NOT WORRY, it leads no-where.

*From the Sanskrit word dhri “to hold anything”


Please use the email address for anything to do with accounts, or the usual To get to me. If you do want to speak to me personally, then email, make a time suitable for both of us, and then we can chat. If you do it this way, rather than just “wing it”, you can be reasonably sure I have time, and you will get my attention. POSTAL ADDRESS is not at my home – small mail box out in the open means that rain is an issue. Please address all land mail to the address it has always been – PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon. Vic. 3441. Until you see a change written here in large letters, that is where it will be. INSURANCE
Your Registration is tied to your insurance. If you are not registered, then you can’t insure legitimately, and the responsibility is YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. A few students who have recently insured have done so without supplying a registration stating the level they are at in their studies (a student of yoga, a trainee teacher not yet graduated, a graduate) – were they to make a claim it could be disputed. We have stated this over and over again.

When we negotiated with the insurer on your behalf, then we could see how you were applying and make sure everything was OK. We cannot do that now. It is up to you. The easy way is to get registration through us and then send a copy of that with your CE requirement to the insurance company of your choice. You have choice, but no real policing to make sure that your policy is secure. It’s similar in nature to the difference in CAR insurance between the “Supermarket” insurance and CGU for instance. Yes you are insured with and it’s easy to insure, but is it as easy as they say it is when you claim??? As I said. The choice is yours.

RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY INSURANCE: Dancesurance and AJGallaghers have both come through with a specialist insurance for our Restorative Yoga Therapy graduates. They can add this special insurance on to their ordinary insurance AT NO EXTRA COST. They have examined the course, they have looked at the caliber of the students going through, and made their decision. All you need to do is to supply a copy of your registration when you apply. Here are some options…   Dancesurance – ……an insurer who also insures Studios/Students
Arthur J Gallagher – ……our Long time insurer but changed
Insurance House … on-line


You trained with us, you are a part of our lineage (or we are a part of yours), Registration supports this. PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION. You need to be currently registered for your insurance to be valid, and you will need to supply a copy of a valid registration to be insured. Please check your insurance requirements – keep up to date. They change quickly.


To those who have applied. There will be no scholarships for the forseeable future – well, no advertised scholarships. I have found over the last couple of years, that those people to whom I have given scholarships, have turned out to be the LEAST CONNECTED TO THE SCHOOL, the Sangha. In spite of glowing applications and resumes, they don’t come to classes, they pick and choose teacher training, they don’t volunteer, they don’t get their modules in on time, and generally have a very relaxed response to the $3,500+ of teaching we have invested in them. Daily they live against the yamas in regard to their course. They are killing the opportunity for others, they are not telling the truth (not doing the things they said they would do), they are stealing from the Sangha, they don’t have respect, and they are taking more than they need. I think that says it all. Take note, I am prepared to withdraw scholarships to those who are not performing. Am I jaded? Am I discouraged? Of course. Yes! I will give scholarships, but only to those people who are already demonstrating a strong affiliation with the school, and are living and working in ways that are in line with our ideals. They will not be advertised. Don’t apply.


We have fallen in line with other organisations and ask people who are registered with us and wish to re-register to do at least one short course in the year as a continuing education requirement. You need to keep up. You can do one of my little courses on ETSY, or someone else’s, doesn’t have to be onerous, just something to keep you on your academic toes so to speak.

(no Northcote on public holidays.. but Jahne’s local classes unchanged)

A Healing Massage with Jahne can be had between Yoga Classes (at The Bentinck)by appointment only – even on weekends.
Mon/Tue/Fri 4pm and 5pm Saturday 2.30, Sunday 4.30pm

Yoga/Meditation/Philosophy $20 per class
Or CLASS PASS – $135 per 10 CONSECUTIVE classes.
Massage: Relaxing, healing…..$85 per session

HELP NEEDED: If you have a DVD of GHANDI, KUNDUN or DEAD MAN (with Johnny Depp), or a copy of the book THE DIAMOND CUTTER, and no longer need it, could you donate it to us? I would like to allow my Bentinck students to have a copy from us – Gifted by you. Send a message with such a gift if you would like to wish a rehab student well. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE RESPONDED TO THIS – PLEASE SEND MORE – WE CAN ALWAYS USE THEM. SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE PURCHASED COPIES ESPECIALLY FOR US TO DONATE. 

The best help you can give is to come to class – the cost of the class makes possible the pro-bono work I do every day, every week.

THE BENTINCK – on the corner of High Street and Romsey Road, Woodend.
Enter ONLY through the Romsey Road gate where you see the yoga sign. Do not park in the front of the Bentinck. The main two story building is NOT The Yoga Centre.

HOME STUDIO – 37 Morris Road, Woodend.
Park on white gravel in front of the studio, or in the drive-way directly opposite in front of
double grey garage rolladoors. Not in front of neighbours driveways please.

NORTHCOTE – 9 Langwells Pde. (near Aldi).
Plenty of parking at Aldi. FREE 2 Hour park, or All Day nearer the Police Station at the back.

I am holding a SILENT RETREAT at The Bentinck on Sunday the 22nd April from 10am to 4.30 (followed by optional yoga). The cost is $50 (plus an extra $20 if you want to stay for the 5pm yoga class). Please email me if you are interested: and I will send you the details and form.


April Fool’s Day. Thank you to the TWO PEOPLE (out of all those who usually come) who let me know they would not be there. Thank you, thank you to the usual yoga devotees who come hail. Rain, or shine. We studied the ‘Gita. It was excellent.

The next one will be on Sunday 6th May, 2pm to 4pm at my home studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend). Please join us for Teacher Training. There is no need to book. Bring writing materials, and be early. If you are teacher Training student then the cost of the afternoon is $20 (to bring it in line with yoga classes) (which applies to everyone. If you are a visitor and not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $30 – for a 2 hour class! Come.

The response to my notice about a monastery retreat has been surprising. People wanted to know the dates I plan to be away so they could be absent when I was absent. It is interesting that no-one asked because they would like to assist in some way – to fill in my classes in my absence , or help Charlie whilst I am away. No-one even mentioned watering the garden or feeding the cat. Surprising!

Maybe I should go away often. I used to, and a little team always stepped in. In past years, no-one asked when I would be away so they could stay away! They asked because they wanted to support the Sangha. It makes me wonder why I am teaching yoga. People say that it is not just a physical exercise, but then they ACT like it is. No personal responsibility except to their own body. Empty vessels.

BENDIGO Teacher Training classes – The first Tuesday of the month. EXCEPT NO EASTER. Next class is Tuesday, 3rd May at 3.30pm Turn at the Metricon building on the highway in Kangaroo Flat. It is a traffic light intersection, just up from Bunnings. Crusoeden is the building behind Metricon building, and faces Church Street. It’s easy to find. Cost: $20 per class (to bring it in line with the cost of a yoga class) for everyone who attends – thank you.

(Directors – Jayne Boyle – Regular classes held – please email for timetable.


SUNBURY: THE CRANIO SACRAL CONNECTION.  WE REPEATED THIS LECTURE ON SUNDAY 18TH MARCH between 2 and 4pm. It was splendid – very worthwhile. Cost $35. If you would like to join us for the NEXT WORKSHOP workshops in Sunbury at YOGA 101, please contact Michelle at Yoga 101. Email

I have been looking at the boxes of letters and cards people have sent to me. It has been interesting remembering past students, and the wonderful things we have achieved together.


Why haunt libraries for information on the chakras, yamas, and other yoga philosophies relevant to the course (or The Tarot). It is all on ETSY. We do plan to update our shop (and the prices) with the new web update, but we will never be able to offer the options and service of etsy which has millions of customers. For you who have never used ETSY please visit. It is fabulous and oh so EASY. You will find all our books, our DVD’s and CD’s on ETSY. (The Paul Grilley DVD’s are on our web site shop). Please go to Or for the Paul Grilley DVD’s. If you are new and haven’t read about YAMAS, CHAKRAS then I have distilled them for you. Go to the Etsy site as above and have a look – especially at the new book and DVD on Hypermobility..

WEB SITE NEWS. AS I NOTIFIED YOU IN THE LAST NEWSLETTER…In the next month or so we are totally changing our web site. This will mean a new look for the web site, the newsletter and the videos. Although everyone is working towards a smooth changeover, there could be problems (we are dealing with computers and humans), however, when we get to the other side, it will be easier, and better. It has been 10 years since we have made a change, and you know how technology has advanced in this time. I admit to trepidation – but, it had to be done.

The videos AND THE NEW BLOG are going to get a shake up. This is long overdue. In a perfect world there would be no interruption – but utopia has rarely been located, and I ask in advance for your patience. I will keep notifying you via the newsletter, I will let you know when the exact changeover occurs IF I CAN. But if you go to the videos, and they are either not there, or all over the place… be patient. We will get it all fixed up. EMAIL NUMBER. yogafirst2@bigpond.comAccounts: Wednesdays between 9 and 12pm TEXT number is 0402 088 170 – preferably leave a text or email. I will return your calls when I can – I am not a slave to either the computer or the phone, so you may find that emails or TEXT (which I always recommend) work out best. The mail address is PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon. Vic. 3441. I am always as close as your email, and there are those who ring and manage to find me near the phone … Don’t forget to Register, insure and re-subscribe to the videos. Don’t leave these to the last minute. Love and Blessings,  Jahne

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