Jahne is available for massage 6 days a week, including the weekends, and later appointments.

Massage is not a new thing.  Jahne has been doing massage professionally for many years, in fact at one time had a massage clinic which employed 15 masseurs.  She is still doing yoga, and we encourage you to see massage as an important step in your “walk to wellness”.

According to my teachers in the Thai Buddhist forest monk medical tradition (known as wandering monks),  three gurus passed on the herbal medical traditions.  Buddha, Jivaka and Phra Rishi a hermit who lived in the jungle.  Jivaka began the lineage of treatment protocols. This body of knowledge with forest monk adaptations included GUA SHA, herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping, massage, diet, heat and steam therapy – applying heated rocks to the body (we know this as “hot stones massage”).    These therapies were taught to the villagers as the monks passed through their towns so that they could care for their community.  There may be some differences between the disciplines of Thai monks and their Chinese counterparts, however their nature and purpose were essentially the same – commitment to health,  understanding of the disciplines, and their dedication to service.

Gua-sha, (an addition to our massage menu) is especially good for head and neck relief, and is performed throughout Asia, where it is especially popular in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia.  You may know it as “spooning” as in Traditional Chinese Medicine where ceramic spoons can be used.  The word Gua-Sha has two characters.  “Gua” means to rub or to scrape and “Sha” is the discolouration of the skin that appears on the surface after treatment.  Gua-Sha therefore means ‘to rub out Sha”, thereby releasing blockages.

Like many traditional practices, Gua-Sha was probably performed long before its 700 year recorded history.

Performing Gua-Sha (Spooning) is one of the quickest, easiest and surest way to alleviate many ills.  When pain or illness is restricted to a limited area, then gua sha can be applied locally.  It can be done over the whole body to strengthen and circulate energy.    It is especially useful to disperse colds and flu, persistent chronic headaches, tiredness, fatigue, muscle aches and injury.  Do come and have a Gua-Sha treatment with Jahne.  It is not invasive, and although we usually include it in our relaxation full body massages, if you are pressed for time, or would like to come during your lunch time, this technique can even be used for a shorter relaxing and freeing massage especially for head, neck and shoulders. .  Please email for a booking.  We are even available after hours and on the weekends. E:yogafirst@netcon.net.au

Bring the tag from your massage spoon (given out in recent promotion) for $10 off your first massage.  See the photo below.

See you soon – Namaste,  JAHNE