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ATTENTION ALL WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS …..This is a wonderful, wonderful GREAT BELL CHANT, by Thitch Nat Hahn.  Pay particular attention to his walking meditation.  That is how I would like you all to practice.  Looks easy – but notice he is doing it on a busy sidewalk.



I am turning your attention to a beautiful “nature strip” garden prepared, planted and tended by an anonymous householder in our Woodend community.  He has been contributing in this way for many years.  You can visit the garden at any time and pick the vegetables, keeping in mind that they are for everyone, and it is just a nature strip.  You don’t need to ask, demonstrate need, have a health card or any of that bureaucratic stuff.  Just a bag, a pair of scissors and sensible shoes (and a bit of self control and respect for those coming after you).

While this fills me with great happiness (as well as the occasional vegetable), I can take no credit for these things happening. The gardener is a yogi in his soul if not in asana, who takes his role in our community very seriously.   We could all take a leaf from his book.

To access this wonderful gift, all you have to do is go to 10 Carlisle St Woodend (next door to The Bentinck).  When you are driving out of town take the turn to the right immediately after the Romsey Road turnoff.  You will see the fabulous veggie garden on your right.  Stop and help yourself.  As I said, keep in mind that others will come after you.  Cut carefully, and don’t rip plants out by their roots which spoils it for those who come after you.

Maybe you could start a garden on your nature strip, or in your garden next to the front path for easy access. You could start with one vegetable box, or use tyres, or do as our donor does – he uses straw bales as a border, and as mulch.  You could even plant flowers, edible flowers too.  Give it some thought.  I am.  A handy hint – If you are going to do this, don’t buy deep vegetable planter boxes, they take too much soil to fill.  Bunnings has specials on all sizes and prices.  A cheaper alternative?   As our friend does,  you could use straw bales,  or bundle stacks of out-of-date papers readily available from your newsagent.. You could also make a great compost heap using the same technique….



For those of you contemplating the “discover your ancestors” advertising push. Take notice. I would never do it because I was never sure the information wouldn’t be “monetised”.  People said I was nuts, but it has now happened.  If you or someone you know has paid for an ancestry report from the firm 23andme, the British multinational  GlaxoSmithCline now owns your genetic identity!  The genetic blueprints provided by 23andme may now be used by GlaxoSmithKline who has just invested $300million into the genealogy company, they say to extend pharmaceutical frontiers.  How is this legal? It’s in the small print of course.  Apparently 80% of 23andme clients opted to share their genetic data in addition to taking part in a survey about their lifestyle status.  The moral of this story – Be careful, be very very careful who you give your DNA to. (source: Healthy Holistic Living 23 January 2019.



Meditation sessions (Yoga Nidra) by donation are on Tuesdays at 11am and Sundays at 9.15am. All classes outside of this timeare at my regular one-on-one class charge of $85.  When you have a one-on-one session it will be very much directed towards your needs… this is often not possible at a class/group session.



If any of you would like a tarot reading, or a healing session, then do make an appointment with me – I even work on weekends. For a booking email:

The REVELATION TAROT is now in its 10thyear on ETSY.  I am at present waiting for scanning and then printing of the extension 13 cards, “Gates and Guardians” and “Natures Oracles”, Apparently they will be ready on Tuesday, and I have written and bound a lovely booklet to accompany them.

If you want a workbook encompassing both the original dack, and the new 13, it is on the ETSY site, and ready to go….  You will find the original Revelation tarot (major arcana deck).  There are also ready-to-frame cards.  See them all on the You Tube Channel together with our FREE Tarot Course.  Google “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube” and please subscribe.



All on the Web Site.  Go to  for classes.

COST: Yoga $20 per Class Or  CLASS PASS – $135 per 10 CONSECUTIVEclasses (students of the studio for 3 years or more).   New students: $165 per 10 class pass (normally $200)  After 3 years as a student, the cheaper rate will apply.

UNITING CHURCH CLASSES (FREE or by donation)  Next door to the Police Station, Forest Road, Woodend. Monday:12noon FREElunch and 1pm YOGA.  THE FOOD BANK CAN BE ACCESSED AT THIS TIME TOO.


PARKING HOME STUDIO – 37 Morris Road, Woodend. 

Please, Please – Park on white gravel in front of the studio.  I had it made especially so that it would be easier for you! If there is no room, then park in the drive-way directly opposite in front of double grey garage rolladoors. Not in front of neighbours driveways please.



 DATE of the next Teacher Training:   Sunday 2ndJune 2pm to 4pm  at my home studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend –There is no need to book. Bring writing materials, and be early. If you are teacher Training student then the cost of the afternoon is $20.  This fee applies to everyone. (Visitors – and/or not yet training – $30).

BENDIGO Teacher Training classes– Next class is the 4thJune at 3.30pm. Crusoeden Health.  Turn at the Metricon building on the highway in Kangaroo Flat just up from Bunnings on the same side.


NEW SHEPPARTON MASTERCLASS.  The class at Heidi’s studio in Kialla.  We are moving forward with a regular teacher training class, and  re-evaluating class times to make sure as many as possible turn up.  Once a month seems to be too soon between classes.  Please register your interest with me or Heidi at    It is always wonderful to get together with my students, and I think we all get something from sharing more than just how to do downdog.  The philosophy is at the basis of everything.  You can copy my classes, you can copy everything – but I am hoping that by about halfway through the course that you start to do things for yourself, your way.  Not by finding alternatives to the foundations but by building on them.


HYPERMOBILITY (the course)

The new course is on the ETSY site.

Watch my FREE UTUBE CHANNEL.  Hypermobility, Purushatras, and so on.  There is lots there – do one video per day..  Google “Jahne Hope-Williams You Tube”.  There is everything you need to start your study.  Don’t go to google first and then give up and go to our materials. We have done the hard work for you – use it.



You will notice from the CLASSES on the Web Site that we now have meditation by donation on Tuesdays at 11am and Sundays at 9.15.  Please come.  I will be doing yoga nidra plus healing singing bowls.



We are your lineage.  You can pretend, you can take cheaper options, you can use all kinds of rationalization BUT WE ARE YOUR LINEAGE, your yoga family.  No-one else can be.   PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION.  You need to be currently registered for your insurance to be valid, and you will need to supply a copy of a valid registration to be insured.

Please check your insurance requirements – keep up to date. We have moved to AON insurance.  You will be able to insure on-line BUT you will need a current registration to prove you are a member with us to get the advantages that a big firm like AON can offer.  AJG quoted $3,600 to insure our studio – AON did exactly the same insurance for $376 with no fuss, no in depth passport type questions…..  When you open your own studio, you will be interested in this.

CPE:  To bring us in line with INTERNATIONAL requirements rather than just Australian, we will only be requiring you to do your CPE every 3 years, do it round about the same time you do your first aid which is also a 3 year requirement.



I love junk, and regularly scour the OpShops.  Sometimes a very unusual thing turns up as it has this month.  I like to dip bread in hemp oil/balsamic and garlic.  But usually most of the garlic is absorbed by the chopping board, or you have to pick it out of a utensil you are told is efficient(?).  The thing I found I call a dipping plate.  About the size and shape of a saucer it has a central area that is nobbly.  So you can rub your garlic to a paste on the nobbles, then add the oil and the balsamic.  All in the one saucer, easy and no waste.  I wish I could have found four, but I only have one.  It is heavenly.




I write books to help you in your course.  Please download them, and then please use them in answering your modules.    HYPERMOBILITY – The Course…. A certificate course.  If you teach yoga, you need this.  No excuses.

MODULE DRAWINGS, DOWNLOADS. You will notice on the bottom of every assessment there is a reminder that drawings need to be done, and in your own hand, and downloads of any kind will not be marked.  Every page needs to have your name, module number, and page number.


EMAIL/POST:  Please use the email address  for anything to do with accounts,  or the usual to get to me.  If you do want to speak to me personally, then email, make a time suitable for both of us, and then we can chat.  If you do it this way, rather than just “wing it”, you can be reasonably sure I have time, and you will get my attention.  POSTAL ADDRESS is not at my home –Please address all land mail to PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon.  Vic. 3441.  Until you see a change written here in large letters, that is where it will be.


Don’t forget to Register if you are teaching even if you have not graduated (especially if you have not graduated), insure and re-subscribe to the videos every 12 months.   Don’t leave these to the last minute.



Love and Blessings


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