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Honouring the Universe – The philosophy of The Australasian Yoga Institute….

Dedicated to a tradition of excellence in teaching for more than 40 years, The Australasian Yoga Institute offers yoga teachers comprehensive and systematic training in classical yoga.  We teach yoga techniques for body, breath, mind and spirit in 200hr and 500hr certification programs.  Our programs include training in meditation, asana. GOOD MORNING DEAR STUDENTS

In The Readers Digest (December 1982) a marvelous little piece of philosophy appeared that may be helpful to you. Read it, and with these ideas in mind and a prayerful attitude, tackle your problems today. Get ready for ideas to pop into your mind – together, lets get ready for action. People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.
If you are successful you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.
The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.
The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest people with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.
People favour underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for some underdogs anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.
Give the world the best you have and you will get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have to give anyway   PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY TRAINING AT MY HOME STUDIO (NEW LEVEL 2 COURSE BEGINS WITH A PRACTICAL SESSION FEBRUARY 18th and 19th) “Early bird” special now finished, full fee applies. Sign up today.  Go to www.restore.moonfruit.com Please arrive at either 12.30 on the Saturday to join in a restorative class or 1.30 if you want to get right to work. Arrive on time, and prepared with writing materials for the class, and your paperwork completed. The Sunday class will begin at 12.30 not 11 am as scheduled as this conflicted with other needs. We aim to please. On both days we will plan to finish by 4.30. It may not be possible to join in the 4.30 Restorative Class after the workshop on Sunday – the class is full unless there is a cancellation. PLEASE BOOK TODAY The Restorative Yoga is becoming the backbone of our practice, and there have been some new developments. I have already informed most of you that there are three levels.

The workshop for level 2 will be at MY HOME STUDIO in Woodend. It will have a resounding effect on your practice and your life. To learn more, see below, and hop on over to www.restore.moonfruit.com. LEVEL 1 is the teach yourself course on www.myyogabooks.etsy.com

LEVEL 2 is the RESTORATIVE YOGA COURSE and the Introduction to Therapy with emphasis on Structural Yoga Therapy.

And LEVEL 3 (coming later in the year) In this I am presenting a course which will include nutrition, the use of exclusive essential oils and therapeutic mixtures which can be prescribed and used in conjunction with the yoga to make it a stand alone clinical practice. This would be a great addition to the practice of those who are doulas (both with pregnant women and the dying), and those who routinely work with the chronically ill, people in recovery… etc etc. 

You cannot do LEVEL 3 if you have not done LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2  and started out with the RYTA200. This will be truly a therapy course. There is nothing like it in the world today. If you are looking for a life path, if you really do want to become a yoga PRACTITIONER rather than a YOGA TEACHER, then this is for you. The curriculum is not complete, and the Level 3 course will not be until later next year, but there is lots you have to do between now and then.

LEVEL 1 is on ETSY right now, you can start now, and The next RESTORATIVE LEVEL 2 will be delivered in February 2017 (18th and 19th Feb – see the web site www.restore.moonfruit.com for details)  at The HOME STUDIO. Level 1 is not a hard course, but it is not a “rubber stamp”. If you don’t pass the exam for level 1, then there will not be an option to move to level 2 unless you re-sit the exam until such time as I can see you have understood.

If you are almost at the end of your Teacher Training, do this practical course, do the practical course, and catch up with the theory at a later date.  

Please email me, and let me know your intention, or go to www.restore.moonfruit.com for details and an application.

(I will travel to you to deliver the workshop if you can get 5 students – you and 4 more).   WITH REGARD TO STUDENT INSURANCE AND REGISTRATION (again):

In the new year we will be bringing in a new regime to make this link between STUDENT registration and STUDENT insurance very clear, and very organised…. Please note, you cannot get student insurance on the day that you enroll with us unless you have the documentation and relevant YOGA teaching experience that makes it possible. Student insurance is not a right, it is a great privilege. And it CAN BE awarded under very specific conditions.  Please mark in your diary when you registration and insurance are and contact us if we have not contacted you. Please note that although Lloyds of London are noted as the underwriter, AJGallagher is the insurer. If you have an issue contact us, or contact them. THE VIDEOs.  As it says in your initial emailed information pack, from the very first one with “how to set yourself up” clearly noted, please make a journal note of all the yoga you do in a day, and that includes the videos. A computer is just a computer, and whilst we make every effort to get them to comply with our will, they sometimes don’t. If you have a daily journal and mark down in it all the yoga you do and watch, and then on a monthly basis transfer the totals to your passport, you will have a hard copy record, and a computer record. NOA BELLING – YOGA HANDBOOK and SECOND HAND BOOKS
You might be able to still get the book (and many others) second-hand from the bookshops below.  I would advise you to buy a few so that you can amortize the postage cost across a number of books rather than one.

                                                Cost     Mail
UK      1/ Revival Books Ltd     $4.94    $5.90       USA    2/ Goodwill Books       $1.50    $12.99
UK      3/ Awesome Books       $9.89    $6.47       USA    4/ Hippo Books           $5.50    $11.50
USA    5/ Hippo Books             $5.50    $11.50     USA    6/ Goodwill Books       $1.00    $17.00
USA    7/ The Book Women     $5.00    $14.75   I try to imagine life without being able to speak to God, but none of the days without that special energy have the same laughter, or opportunities. CLASS TIMES $15 per class or 10 classes for $135
THE BENTINCK Enter through the Romsey Road gate, and park either side of the drive.

THE HOME STUDIO Park on the white gravel, in the small open yard opposite the house if no-one else has, or on the nature strip. No need to bring props – mats etc. unless you want to – everything is provided.

                          HOME STUDIO                                                       THE BENTINCK
Monday:             10:00 am                                                                    6.30 pm Hatha
Tuesday:            10:00 am Restorative                                                 7.30 pm Hatha with Nic
Wednesday:      12.30 Hatha                                                                5.30 pm Restorative,
                                                                                                              6.30 pm Hatha
Friday:                                                                                                  6:30 pm Hatha Yoga  
Saturday:           12.30 pm Restorative                                                10:00 am Hatha
Sunday:             4.30 pm Restorative (Full – text before lunch on Sunday to enquire about a cancellation) THE TIMES IN RED. From 2017 those classes in red above are at my home studio. So if you want to come to the home studio for your class please book. I need to know your name, the classes/s you want to attend and your email so I can confirm, as the classes will be limited and SMALL. Please email your booking and your details toyogafirst2@bigpond.com  

PRICES: The class prices at either place, Bentinck or Studio are be $15 per class,  $135 for a 10 class pass or $100 unlimited for one 4 week month (no extensions  – once the month is up the pass is done). Your present passes will be valid until they run out.

HEALTH FUND REBATES: There are health fund rebates possible for those students who are referred by their GP. These are not available class by class.To get a rebate you must have committed to a package/program and been referred. Any other option is not worth the time/travel/postage.  

PHILOSOPHY CLASS: I am getting requests, and I would like to have a regular, weekly philosophy class.  

Would Saturday afternoons at my home studio,  after 2 be possible for you?  If so, let me know.  yogafirst2@bigpond.com

The next will be on Sunday 5th March, 2pm to 4pm at my home studio. Please join us. Bring writing materials, and be early.  Follow the Japanese Path at the side of the house. There is a notice on the door if you have trouble with direction. If you are a distance ed. student then the cost of the afternoon is $15. If you are a visitor you are most welcome – and if you are not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $20. We have had the most wonderful trainings, there is nothing like them. Please do come. Park on the white gravel around the house, and in the open yard opposite. I am not sure there will be room for trainee teachers to join the Restorative class afterwards. We shall have to play it by ear. We are getting full classes at home now.

Next Bendigo class Tuesday 21st February from 3.30 to 5pm at Crusoeden Body ($15). Turn at the Metricon building on the highway in Kangaroo Flat, Big METRICON sign on the building you turn at – also its a traffic light intersection, just up from Bunnings. Crusoeden is the building behind Metricon building, and faces Church Street. Its easy to find. Cost: $15 per class for everyone who attends.


Francis will be visiting on Friday 24th February to take an Ashtanga Class 6pm followed by a Yoga Therapy Session 7.15pm. The purpose is to address the teachings and the method of Ashtanga- Vinyasa Practice as well Yoga Therapy & Alignment.  During these sessions we will cover alignment, the nervous system, energy centres and late-summer energy balancing. I will also spend time covering meditation practice and mindfulness. 

I hope you can join us !  Details below, if you are interested to attend please let me know. Friday February 24th *Ashtanga  6pm (1hr)  *Yoga Therapy  7.15pm  (1 hr)
Cost: Students with passes are welcome to use them for these sessions, otherwise casual drop-in rate is $20 per class.
Location: Lazuli – Hepburn Springs. Crn Church & Ninth Street Hepburn.
Teacher: Frances Paderno GIFT VOUCHERS for The Australasian Yoga Institute.

Vouchers are available (all year) for $135 or $70 class passes, and massage $95 one hour or $50 half hour. Please contact me and we will arrange it. Emailyogafirst2@bigpond.com Most people have never met, and don’t understand, that there are angels all around us whose only job is to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable, fall asleep and miss the important moments (and gifts) in your life. THE SHOP and ETSY 


IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YAMAS AND CHAKRAS – my own little books are on etsy. Why spend hours looking for the information when you can pay from under $10 for these books and have a very valuable easy-to-read reference and resourcewww.myyogabooks.etsy.com. If you get them and read them they will help you with many of the concepts that you are having trouble with especially in your modules. Go to “CHOOSE LIFE”, a home based on-line restore and recover program.

I have loaded a new course “CHOOSE LIFE -THE 30 DAYS WELLNESS/HOME REHAB COURSE”.  If you have gone through rehab and need a booster, or you need help but can’t leave home (or afford a rehab), please download it and try it.

The MALAS and THREE MINUTE MEDITATION on ETSY. If you have been inspired (by me) and by the experience of using Mala Beads to stimulate interest in meditation, I have made some, and will be loading them this week on ETSY. They are wooden beads, with glass linking beads and a very special red and gold pendant bead made especially for us and inscribed with the “OM”. The cost of this packed in a box with a special bag, and an inspirational/instructional tiny booklet will be $35 plus postage. This money will be directed to The Foundation to help others.

YIN YOGA/ANATOMY/MEDITATION DVD’s –Please indulge in ALL three
They are the best,  and will form the backbone of your yoga references. As I have told you before when I bought mine they cost $100 or so each. I thought that this was a good investment, and I still do. We have had to increase the price TWICE – everything everywhere is going up, and we have held this price for a number of years. Now $57.50.At this price we are accounting for currency increases and decreases, and they are still cheaper than I paid for mine initially. Look at Ebay – everyone is about the same. At twice the price they are still worth having. With Christmas coming, please order yours today. I don’t have many left and I am waiting for more stocks to arrive in the mail – at this time of the year they sometimes get caught up in customs. www.myyogabooks.etsy.com
PS thank you to the students, who realizing they got the DVD’s at the wrong price have sent me the difference between the old price and the new one. It is greatly appreciated. The gesture made me so proud of the students who have taken this step. They are really, really living yoga.
THE GARDEN – It is STILL like winter in the garden. Freezing and 10 degrees. Like winter. I am confused so the plants must be too. I worked in the garden on Saturday and it was warm and sunny, not so today! I have to remind you that in the 1960’s to 1980’s the weather was wet and cold at this time of the year too. Yes, there is such a thing as global warming – but this is just weather, and seems to be part of a cycle. I can remember having to wear rubber boots to shop at the local flooded supermarket!  Even 10 years ago at this time of the year, the Campaspe was a wild torrent with white water rafters having an amazing (and dangerous) time! It is weather. We can’t order it – we just have to deal with it. Love it.

THE BUDDHA WALK. I designed my garden with the idea of a Buddha Meditation Walk uppermost in my mind. We already have the statue of Jesus, the statue of Ganesha, three statues of Buddha, and The LARGE Stupa. When we can have regular meditation, teacher training, and healing happening, then maybe you will take the opportunity to walk through the garden, stopping at each shrine, and reflecting on what is happening with you at each. I can’t force you to walk, I can’t mandate or legislate – you have to want to. But it is there right now. It will change, it will get better, but it is already there,waiting for you.

MY TAROT – I have got the proof print for the first eight cards, and have just started work on the last card for the second eight. If you want an email reading please contact me. $35 for one question, $70 for two questions, $130 for three questions.

Let me know – yogafirst2@bigpond.com. I will keep you informed as to the progress of the cards. They will be on Etsy as usual, and the web site is being worked on. I have got a Facebook page called My Tarot.
REGARDING THE OFFICE: Thank you all so much for getting straight for Christmas – and living the Yamas. Now, direct that wonderful energy to looking for the time your registration and insurance is due…
ATTENTION:  EMAIL NUMBER. There was a problem with the server, but this has been fixed (after 2 days!!!) – For anything, anything at all please email me atyogafirst2@bigpond.com. If you do not your emails may get lost, as I am gradually going to get rid of the other email numbers…. Do not ring unless you have not got email, or you have an urgent question. Email, leave your number and I will get back to you. Phones? We are being re-organised, even here…. So at the moment my number is 0402 088 170 – preferably leave a text or email. I will return your calls when I can – I am not a slave to either the computer or the phone, so you may find that emails or text (which I always recommend) work out best.
I am always as close as the post or the email, always working to make things better, dig deeper. Why? So you can be the best you can be. Email me, talk to me, send me photographs. I look forward to hearing from you. For more wonderful, delicious thoughts log on to our Web site www.yogabeautiful.com.auand tune in to our videos daily.

ENJOY – Love and Blessings,  Namaste Jahne

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