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EMAIL CHANGE: Please use yogafirst@optusnet.com.au (anything to do with accounts), Or the usual yogafirst2@bigpond.com. If you do want to speak to me personally, then email, make a time suitable for both of us, and then we can chat.  If you do it this way, rather than just “wing it”, you can be reasonably sure I have time, and you will get my attention.  POSTAL ADDRESS is not at my home – small mail box out in the open means that rain is an issue. Please address all land mail to the address it has always been – PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon.  Vic. 3441.  Until you see a change written here in large letters, that is where it will be.

THE PHONE:  I am still struggling with TELSTRA, and now I have the Internet but I have no phone. I could go on and on.  But suffice it to say that until the techies are paid for excellence and not to just turning up, then the system will not change. So, if you want to get me, then please TEXT me on 0402 088 170. You can phone me, but I may not be able to answer, so TEXT is the best option.  Not many of you ring, but just in case I thought I would let you know. It could be fixed by the end of the week.   
LAST WEEK: We don’t have terrorists in this country – we have TELSTRA AND NBN.  I am being held ransom….etc. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT:  Well after Telstra sent out a phone technician to fix my internet(?), which didn’t help after 7 days without internet. I kept ringing trying to get someone to listen, and having decided at the outset to use it as a yoga exercise in patience (I only raised my voice once), I managed to get through to a lovely lady, and noticing she was Indian or Asian by her voice, I started by introducing myself as a yoga teacher. This led to a great yoga conversation, which led to booking an on-line technician the following day which she said would only last about 4 hours!!!  She was sure that I could get my internet on with this tecchies help over the phone.  I felt very inadequate to the task, but she was reassuring and I thought to myself, If my teacher can walk across America with no means of support, and learn to be a motor mechanic, a baker, a waiter etc – then I could do this with Telstra. I asked for God’s help (almost continuously).  
The next morning in my meditation God said to me to turn on my computer, turn on the modem (I had turned it off). I couldn’t see the sense and resisted. He said again “turn on your computer”.  I did, and bingo, it burst into action!!! I spoke to my case manager at Telstra to thank them for whatever steps they had taken and to cancel my appointment with the tecchie. They assured me they had done nothing, and were mystified. A few days later, I spoke to one of my students about this “miracle” as she was having problems which seemed to be the same. She prayed, and she got success – the internet came to life –  after three weeks with no internet. There is a God (and He is not a chair!), and then Telstra came and turned it off whilst they were trying to change over to NBN again – or that is what they said.  Success not attributed to them perhaps? 
Episode three (or four or five!)  After 4 tech visits in the three weeks, and  5 case managers in an afternoon last Friday I still didn’t have an internet or the phone. The case managers assured me (from Singapore)  that all was well, but it wasn’t where I sat, and I had this message coming up on my desktop about an NBN Wizard.  Telstra, the Case Managers, and on the site Tech teams told me to ignore it. On Sunday I was playing about and I answered its questions whilst I was doing something else – not paying attention, and knowing things could not be worse – and Bingo! The NBN zoomed into action. Thanks Telstra. Maybe they should read the handbook and yes, “The Wizard” needed attention! Oh and yes!  I still don’t have a phone.
HYPERMOBILITY….   This is becoming more and more wonderful, and more and more complex.  I was speaking to a scientist on Sunday with regards to a connection I have discovered between hyper mobility/collagen malcoding and DEMENTIA-ALZHEIMERS! –  Correct. They are all connected. I thought I had got it right, and I checked, and yes, there is a connection. So I am trying to encompass all of that in my book.  When you get it, it will be worthwhile, and bigger than I had anticipated. It will also be a whole lot more helpful to many more people than I had considered. It is all starting to fit together in my head.
COLLAGEN: DEMENTIA/ALZHEIMERS.  I feel marginally stupid. For years and years I have been taking SHARK CARTILAGE.  I take it because of its effect on cartilage and muscle, but I never thought about the collagen aspect. People have always said what great skin I have. If they could have seen the scars left by acne they would have thought differently.  But without me thinking much about it, the scars have gone, my skin is reasonable, and I still have all my marbles. And I am still doing heaps of yoga classes a week. For my age that is not bad, and I think I have collagen to thank for quite a bit of that. The collagen I take is pure, it is from virgin waters, and is ethically collected. No sharks are killed specifically for the product and it would be put in landfill otherwise. We will be putting it on our shop site… 
RESTORATIVE LEVEL 3 will be dealing with these issues above as well as others that will all go towards helping you to be a better therapist. If you have not almost completed the teacher training course then you won’t have the anatomical and philosophical vocabulary to understand what we are doing. So work on your course, do the Restorative level 1 and 2, and keep this in mind for the next step. Come to my talks, and book for a workshop with me. Or book for a one-on-one to see how I work. There are four students ready for the level 3, believe me, I want this as much as you do.  It is top of mind.
The Theosophical Society has asked me to give a talk on hypermobility in Melbourne on the 23rd of September. YOGA AUSTRALIA has asked me to talk on hypermobility in Melbourne in February. I believe that this is essential in your yoga teaching. So you can catch me in September at the Theosophical Society Theatrette, or, you can keep watching this space to find out other dates and times, especially February…. 
 My  e-booklet on Hypermobility?   It will be finished by the September seminar.  VIDEOS: Please note. When you first signed up you were given a password to access the videos. There is lots more on them than you may anticipate, so go for it… watch them. They will answer a lot of your questions, and they will save you having to do some questions a second time.. If you want to get your Restorative Yoga Therapy Certification at Level 2 and move on to level 3, then you will need to do your LEVEL 1 FIRST. You need that certificate BEFORE you can do Level 2. Please pay attention. For previous students: If you have done the last workshop, loved it and would like to repeat it (every class is a little different)  you can for a small fee, I would love you to join in and share your experiences since your workshop.


“THE RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY ALLIANCE” – is a project we are currently working on, using The International Yoga Therapy Assoc. as our model. It will take us years to get to their level of perfection – but it is something you need. It will be an organisation aligned to The Australasian Yoga Institute. A branch of The Institute which will be inviting papers, focusing and sharing the more therapy aspects of what we do in Restorative Yoga. Not a medical model, but certainly a healing model. I have begun the steps needed for my own registration at the highest level of the American/International peak body (I am registered already), so that I can encourage my graduates to do the same.


WITH REGARD TO STUDENT INSURANCE AND REGISTRATION.  From the 1st July there will be changes, BIG ONES I BELIEVE….  I am working to make it a positive step.  The insurance company will be looking after the insurances totally.  Watch this space.  Registration will be mandatory if you want insurance, and will be STUDENT or GRADUATE level.  This will reflect on your insurance policy.  The cost of the insurance will also change, but I don’t quite know how or to what extent yet.  Watch this space.

WHEN YOU SHOULD INSURE:  We based the course on graduating students in an average of 18 months to two years.  Keeping this in mind we thought (because you would not be teaching until you finished the course)  you would not need insurance for those two years, so we gave you the first 12 months insurance and registration free, and ditto for the second – if you were not yet teaching. However, this is changing as more people who are teaching already are joining our course to get registered and insured.   If you are not teaching then you don’t need to be insured, and you will be registered when you graduate.

If you do start teaching whilst you are still working on the course, then you will need STUDENT REGISTRATION in order to get STUDENT INSURANCE. These are an extra cost and you should factor them in, as you must also factor in your videos which are also a yearly subscription. The first year is paid for in your fee, but from thereon it is up to you to renew. This is not an unusual ask. WE do not hide the fact, however, when I ask you to read the applications and other information SLOWLY, we anticipate that you have done that, and won’t be surprised. Keep in mind that we are providing the skills for a career for around $3,000. That is extraordinary. A charge for Registration and Insurance and  $275 for a yearly video subscription is nothing in the light of that.

Why Register with THE AUSTRALASIAN YOGA INSTITUTE?  Thank you all the students who have responded to this call.  Registration says you are a member of our school (and proud to be so), and at the very least the income received from the cost of registration allows us to give out scholarships, and help others in their desire to teach. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended, and we encourage you to do it. How do you  support and encourage your lineage? – or do you perhaps dream up a more glamorous version, something featuring India perhaps?  We have a wonderful lineage that goes back through the Gita School to India and Tibet. My Heart Guru, Margrit Segesman the founder of the Gita school (a very important part of our lineage)  was sent to Australia from India and Tibet to teach yoga by her Heart Guru, but she never disclosed who that was – seeking to break the “guru tradition”..  When you register you are not just supporting our endeavours, you are acknowledging the wonderful teacher that Margrit Segesman was…and yoga is. A living tradition. Support us by being a fabulous teacher, and in time Affiliating with us, and taking our traditions into a complete Teacher Training School of your own.

Right now – TODAY, mark in your diary when your registration and insurance are due – Registration and insurance should be applied for YEARLY on the same day (it is easier this way).   – at this time contact us if WE (this office) have not contacted you. THE AYI COURSE VIDEOs.  A necessity.  Please make notes, notice how long you spend…. Write it down. As it says in your initial emailed information pack, from the very first one with how to set yourself up clearly noted, please make a journal note of all the yoga you do in a day, and that includes the videos. A computer is just a computer, and whilst we make every effort to get them to comply with our will, they sometimes don’t. If you have a daily journal and mark down in it all the yoga you do and watch, and then on a monthly basis transfer the totals to your passport, you will have a hard copy record, and a computer record.


You might be able to still get the book (and many others including STRUCTURAL YOGA THERAPY) second-hand from the bookshops below. I would advise you to buy a few so that you can amortize the postage cost across a number of books rather than one.

    Cost Plus Mail        
  UK 1/ Revival Books Ltd $4.94 $5.90 USA 2/ Goodwill Books $1.50 $12.99 UK 3/ Awesome Books $9.89 $6.47 USA 4/ Hippo Books $5.50 $11.50 USA 5/ Hippo Books $5.50 $11.50 USA 6/ Goodwill Books $1.00 $17.00 USA 7/ The Book Women $5.00 $14.75           As Suzuki Roshi once said “if something is not paradoxical it is not true”.


$15 per class or 10 classes for $135 (and UNLIMITED ONE MONTH FOR $100 – great value if you come often) 

Keep in Mind that Jahne’s  Massage is available in between yoga classes, and by appointment only.

THE BENTINCK Enter through the Romsey Road gate, and park either side of the drive.

THE HOME STUDIO Park on the white gravel, in the small open yard opposite the house if no-one else has, or on the nature strip. No need to bring props – mats etc unless you want to – everything is provided.

    6.30 PM Yoga with Jahne
  10:00 AM Restorative
  6:30 PM Hatha with Nic
  12:30 PM Hatha (sometimes TT depending on arrivals)
  5:30 PM Restorative, 
6:30 PM Hatha with Jahne
  6:30 PM Hatha Yoga with Jahne

  11:30 AM PHILOSOPHY for Yogis
12:30 PM Restorative
  10.00 AM Hatha
4.00 PM Philosophy
      OUR YOGA CLASSES You will note there are less – For 50 years I have turned up with hardly a holiday to deliver the best classes I can come what may. Right now – things are getting in the way with you coming to class. I am told life is getting busy. Teachers across the land are telling me there is less commitment. Less YOGA FIRST attitude. So I am cutting down the classes and concentrating on writing. Perhaps it is the right time for me to do this. At my age my own teacher was still taking classes, but life was different then, and she was not able to write until she retired. I can do both thanks to you, my students. I am cutting down my classes, and I am spending that time writing. I have important things to write about – yoga and dementia/alzheimers for instance…

THE TIMES IN RED. These are at my home studio. I will also welcome one-on-one consultations concentrating on Restorative Yoga Therapy, particularly in relation to dementia or alzheimers. If you have a history of this in your family, maybe you would like to come see me. I think we can make a difference, but there will be work to do.

The times in BLACK are at The Bentinck…

PRICES: The class prices at either place, Bentinck or Studio are be $15 per class, $135 for a 10 class pass or $100 unlimited for one 4 week month (no extensions  – once the month is up the pass is done).Your present passes will be valid until they run out.  Restorative Yoga therapy Consult (including a massage) with Jahne $155 first consult, $125 thereafter. Health Fund Rebate available.

At the HOME studio: Could you please park on the white gravel I had made especially for you. If there is no room on the white gravel or the naturestrip, then opposite us is a space we have been given permission to use. Just drive in. Please, don’t park on the road, or in other peoples driveways or naturestrips unless there is absolutely no parking available at the studio and opposite. 

At the Bentinck: There is work going on to build our new medical centre. We dealt with the driveway, and in a few days cement is going to be laid for the ambulance parking.


The next will be on Sunday 6th August,  2pm to 4pm  at my home studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend). Please join us – there is no need to book. Bring writing materials, and be early. Follow the Japanese Path at the side of the house. There is a notice on the door if you have trouble with direction. If you are a distance ed. student then the cost of the afternoon is $15. If you are a visitor you are most welcome – and if you are not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $20. We have had the most wonderful trainings, there is nothing like them. Please do come. Park on the white gravel around the house, and in the open yard opposite. 
TEACHERS:  THE SHAMAN WARRIORS DEATH MEDITATION training was amazingly good.  This is a consultation that can be done with me one-on-one.  If you have issues that need resolving.  If you are stuck, and can’t move forward, then, this is the consult for you.  In the training the girls were sobbing.  At the end they said they felt powerful, in control – looking forward to moving forward.  If you think this might be for you, then please, let me know, make a booking (one and a half hours minimum)  – come see me. 

TEACHER TRAINING in the CBD: I am considering doing a  workshop in Melbourne CBD.  If you would be interested in doing this workshop (which is an important part of the course)  if this was an option for you, please let me know.  yogafirst2@bigpond.com.

I will be doing lectures at The Theosophical Society Theatrette in Russell Street (Subject – “Hypermobility JHBS/ED-T and how it changes your yoga and yoga teaching” theory and practice.).…  September 23rd, 1.30 to 2.30 then 2pm to 4 with afternoon tea in the break.  Please write in your diary.

TEACHER TRAINING IN EUROA: Now trainees in Euroa, Shepparton, Albury and surrounds will be able to do their teacher training with Heidi. We will keep you in the loop as this progresses. Please contact Heidi (Director – Heidi Van Maanenberg – ask@byoga.com.au).

TEACHER TRAINING IN BENDIGO: Bendigo Teacher Training classes – every fortnight from 3.30 to 5pm at Crusoeden Body. I will be teaching there on Tuesday 8th August.  Turn at the Metricon building on the highway in Kangaroo Flat, Big METRICON sign on the building you turn at – also its a traffic light intersection, just up from Bunnings. Crusoeden is the building behind Metricon building, and faces Church Street. Its easy to find. Cost: $15 per class for everyone who attends – thank you. (Directors – Jayne Boyle  – crusoedenbody@bigpond.com).  Regular classes held –please email for timetable.

TEACHER TRAINING SOON IN TARADALE. These are still in the planning stages, but TARADALE Yoga School is not far away.  But if you are in the surrounding areas, please let me know and I will pass your interest along – in the beginning I will be sharing the TARADALE TT classes until we get them up and running… yogafirst2@bigpond.com DO YOU WANT TO AFFILIATE WITH US and Teach Yoga teachers?  If you are a graduate with us, have a studio already, and are at the point of considering teaching others to be yoga teachers, then please contact me and we can introduce you to our procedure for this. It is not like Macdonalds, it is not a franchise, you are always in charge, you make what you make, and I teach the modules just like you have done. It works – when you win, I win. Let me know if you would like a chat with me. Email me and let us set up a scheduled phone call – give me a few options for when you are available. Email: yogafirst2@bigpond.com

MASSAGE: What I do is Restorative Yoga therapy/massage and consult.  More complex than just rubbing the body with oil (or as someone said to me “fish-slapping”).  It is more a combination of relaxation and cranio-sacral therapy.  We are having wonderful results with this combined with Restorative Yoga Therapy techniques, reaching new milestones for students.  If you want a booking please email me, and give me a couple of time options.  There are not many times available.   I feel like Dolores Cannon – she had bookings twelve years out when she died.  I haven’t got there yet, but it is squeezed up right at this moment….  Book early.  

GIFT VOUCHERS for The Australasian Yoga Institute.
Vouchers are available (all year) for $135 or $70 class passes, and massage $95 one hour or $50 half hour. Please contact me and we will arrange it. Email yogafirst2@bigpond.com Trying to climb the ladder of success? Forget the ladder. In yoga, everything is right here on the ground. IN THE THE SHOP AT “ETSY” 


IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YAMAS AND CHAKRAS – my own little books are on etsy. Why spend hours looking for the information when you can pay from under $10 for these books and have a very valuable easy-to-read reference and resource www.myyogabooks.etsy.com. If you get them and read them they will help you with many of the concepts that you are having trouble with especially in your modules. Go to “CHOOSE LIFE”, a home based on-line restore and recover program. YOGA NIDRA USB on ETSY. For those of you who want to do yoga nidra like we do (like I do). Now you can. I have done a USB stick so you can plug it in and have a wonderful, long meditation whenever you can. Please go to my growing shop on www.myyogabooks.etsy.com. YIN YOGA/ANATOMY/MEDITATION DVD’s –Please indulge in ALL three
They are the best, and will form the backbone of your yoga references. As I have told you before when I bought mine they cost $100 or so each. I thought that this was a good investment, and I still do. We have had to increase the price TWICE – everything everywhere is going up, and we have held this price for a number of years. Now $57.50. At this price we are accounting for currency increases and decreases, and they are still cheaper than I paid for mine initially. Look at Ebay – everyone is about the same. At twice the price they are still worth having. With Christmas coming, please order yours today. I don’t have many left and I am waiting for more stocks to arrive in the mail – at this time of the year they sometimes get caught up in customs. www.myyogabooks.etsy.com

I am at present writing a booklet on HYPERMOBILITY.  It will be available on ETSY before the seminar in September.

THE GARDEN: I picked MORE Strawberry Guavas this morning, in the frost. (they take like an exotic fiejoa) and the lemon tree is totally laden and lying down almost with lemons… herbs doing well, bees quiet. I have had the Marion berry pruned, and most of the black currants. I will place more cuttings of these around the garden, they grow early, and this is just the right climate to get heaps and heaps of fruit in the right season.
THE KITCHEN: I have been asked for the biscuit recipe again: This makes about 20 biscuits.  It is an instinctive bake – play with the recipe, because I certainly do.  Try tahini instead of peanut butter and more flour if you have a nut allergy.  Don’t know it will work, but it should.  Just be sure you have a stiff mix.  Almond meal could be added also.  I tried teff – and I didn’t like it.  

1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg (these are the basic ingredients), I add some gluten free flour to make it a bit stiffer if required, (and also may add peels, chilli, or chopped fruit or chocolate or everything .   Roll into rounds and press onto your baking tray  (covered with baking paper),  press with a wet fork to make ridges and sprinkle with salt.  Bake at 180Fan for about 12 minutes.  Wait until they get a golden colour.  Lift carefully onto a wire rack, and don’t eat until they are cold.  They start quite soft and end up crispy, crunchy, sweet, salty.  Enjoy.

REGARDING THE OFFICE: Thank you all so much for living the Yamas. Now, direct that wonderful energy to looking for the time your registration and insurance is due…let us know when you change address and emails

ATTENTION: EMAIL ADDRESS. There was a problem with the server, but this has been fixed until the next time – For anything, anything at all please email me at yogafirst2@bigpond.com. If you do not your emails may get lost, as I am gradually going to get rid of the other email addresses… Do not ring unless you have not got email, or you have an urgent question. Email, leave your number and I will get back to you. Phones? We are being re-organised, even here…. So at the moment my number is 0402 088 170  – preferably leave a text or email. I will return your calls when I can – I am not a slave to either the computer or the phone, so you may find that emails or text (which I always recommend) work out best. 
I am always as close as the post or the email, always working to make things better, dig deeper. Why? So you can be the best you can be. Email me, talk to me, send me photographs (send me questions). I look forward to hearing from you.  For more wonderful, delicious thoughts log on to our Web site www.yogabeautiful.com.au and tune in to our videos daily.

ENJOY – Love and Blessings,  Namaste Jahne

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