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GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS ONES  Honouring the Universe – The philosophy of The Australasian Yoga Institute….   Dedicated to a tradition of excellence in teaching for more than 40 years, The Australasian Yoga Institute offers yoga teachers comprehensive and systematic training in classical yoga.  We teach yoga techniques for body, breath, mind and spirit in 200hr and 500hr certification programs.  Our programs include training in meditation, asana.

TAKE NOTE:  Next Teacher Training: Sunday 7th June at 2pm to 4pm at the Bentinck.  Turn in the gate in Romsey Road near the yoga sign.  Do not park at  the front house entrance, or the staff parking space…..
Yes, THE FOOT. Almost without exception I start my yoga classes with concentration on the foot.

 WHY?  Because I want you to start thinking about your feet.  They are a marvel of architecture.  The foot’s centrepiece THE ARCH, is the greatest weight bearing device ever created.  The beauty of any arch is that it gets stronger under stress.  The harder you push down the stronger its parts mesh.  No stonemason worth a dime would ever stick a support under an arch, so why do people need prosthetics – they don’t.  They need exercise.    In a building or the feet, if  you push up from underneath you weaken the whole structure.  

Buttressing your foot from all sides is a web of twenty six bones, thirty three joints, twelve tendons, and eighteen muscles.   Putting your feet in shoes is like putting them in a plaster cast.  It prevents them from doing what they were designed to do – which is probably why there are so many foot, knee, hip injuries.   In the years since NIKE started selling their super-fantastic (expensive) shoes, injuries have risen, not fallen – 60 to 70% of runners are injured every year.  That is every runner every year.   Let your feet laze in shoes and the tendons weaken, work them out and they will sparkle.  Corns, bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, fallen arches, and plantar problems are almost non existent in countries where most people go barefoot.  Recent studies have shown that stability shoes are unlikely to relieve plantar fasciitis and may even exacerbate the symptoms.

Nike doesn’t earn 17billion dollars each year by letting nature take its course, or listening to the yogis (and runners) of this world.  Until 1972 when the modern athletic shoe was invented by NIKE,  people (like Roger Bannister) ran in very cheap,  very thin soled shoes.  They had much stronger feet and a much lower incidence of knee injuries.

Motto:  Trust nature – once you block a natural movement you adversely effect all others.  Don’t fix things that don’t need fixing!  The British Journal of Sports Medicine (supported by the work of Australian researcher Dr.Craig Richards)  in 2008 reported that There ARE NO evidence based studies to demonstrate that running shoes help at all in injury prevention.    As reported by Dr.Richards 1.  The best shoes are the worst 2. Feet like a good beating 3. Human beings are designed to run without shoes (especially without Nikes). (the words in italics are mine.

PS:  Nike has produced a shoe called “The Nike FREE ” which is little more than a thin latex sole – an abbreviated glove for the feet.  This is advertised showing it being worn by dancers, yogis, and athletes of all kinds.  If you must run (work out) in shoes, use these or be radical – GO BAREFOOT.   “He who loves his body more than dominion over the empire can be given custody of the empire”.  Lao Tzu

“Poetry, music, forests, oceans, solitude – they were what developed enormous spiritual strength.  I came to realise that spirit, as much or more than physical conditioning had to be stored up before a race”.  – Herb Elliott, Australian, Olympic Champion and world record holder in the mile,  who trained in bare feet, wrote poetry and retired undefeated.

Looking Deeper into the possibilities of RESTORATIVE YOGA.
I love RESTORATIVE YOGA. We had a wonderful teacher training session yesterday where we explored RESTORATIVE YOGA.  Nicole and I are going to do a DVD for all of you who missed out – what you won’t get however are the fantastic questions and immediate feedback you get from a classroom situation.  Pity you couldn’t all be there.  I did put a new Video on the web site about Restorative Props.  It might take a little while to get up there on the site because I want a new section to show up  “RESTORATIVE YOGA”, so you can go directly to those videos, and not have to wade through the entire 90.

Lately at my classes I have had to make use of all kinds of props and squeeze people into spaces because the classes are so popular and we just plain run out of props.    What a great place to be  – I love it.  Restorative is really the QUEEN OF YOGA!  If you would like to know more, then  please hop on over to our temporary site. When all the wrinkles are ironed out, I will be putting the course details and applications up on the main yogabeautiful site – but right now, although I am delivering and teaching it – it is a work in progress.  Be patient with me, and patient with yourself.  Don’t rush at the course.  Slowly, slowly.

For those starting out this book is hard to get.  Even second hand.  I wondered if any of you out there had finished with their book and would like to sell it back to us, WE WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT OFF YOU.  We can get it secondhand from time to time for $25 to $30.  We will buy yours off you for $25 plus whatever is the postage cost.  Email us if you would like to sell yours, and Deb will call you to organise. .

One of our students has these references for those who are looking for a second hand edition….(many thanks to Warren for this valuable, up-to-date information). 
Cost                                              Mail
UK      1/ Revival Books Ltd      $4.94   $5.90 
USA    2/ Goodwill Books         $1.50   $12.99
UK      3/ Awesome Books       $9.89   $6.47
USA    4/ Hippo Books             $5.50   $11.50 condition poor
USA    5/ Hippo Books             $5.50   $11.50 condition good
USA    6/ Goodwill Books        $1.00   $17.00
USA    7/ The Book Women   $5.00    $14.75

Classes held at the Bentinck  THE NEW HOME OF THE AUSTRALASIAN YOGA INSTITUTE.    Cost:  $10 per person per class (or $100 a 12 class pass:  non–transferable).  $15 mum plus little yoga bub. $25 per family (mum, dad and two primary school children.  Young adults $10 each).

Over the past week two people have wrongly gone to Morris Road for a class, although it clearly states on the web that Jahne’s classes are only held at THE BENTINCK.  Please note.  JAHNE’S CLASSES ARE ONLY HELD AT THE BENTINCK.  Nowhere else.

Jahne’s classes are designed around her 50 years of teaching experience.  People often ask what kind of yoga we are having at class.    The answer Jahne  always  gives is   “I don’t know, all depends who is there, and what is needed”.  Friends, Yoga is not a recipe that is repeated the same way every time in every class.   That would be mindless.  If you want repetition don’t go to Jahne’s class.  There is a thread running through the class. But it is not EXACTLY the same.  If it was the same each week,  you could just check your mind at the door.  The shelf is for shoes, not for minds.

Monday 6.30,
Tuesday 10am RESTORATIVE followed at 11.15 by RESTORE AND RECOVER MEDITATION and 7.30 
Wednesday 12.30, Friday 6.30, Saturday. 10am (and 12.30 RESTORATIVE).
Sunday 11.15 RESTORE AND RECOVER MEDITATION GROUP  (Come to the front room of the Bentinck – through the big front doors).

*RESTORATIVE YOGA is a beautiful, gentle yoga which is done using lots of props and lots of time.  No balancing, no headstands, nothing but gentle stretches and rests.  You and/or a friend will love it especially if you have had surgery, are anxious, haven’t exercised for years, have a weight problem, or have a neurological problem. Or perhaps Substance abuse.   It is also a PERFECT pre and postnatal session – if you are pregnant, please get a doctors certificate and bring it to your first class – not because I think you are unwell, but as it is an insurance requirement.

*RESTORE AND RECOVER MEDITATION – I have started two meditation groups.  Please join us.  The first is at 11.15 in the yoga room following the 10am restorative yoga class on Tuesday, and the second is on Sundays at 11.15 in the main house in front of the open fire, also  at 11.15.
I am also planning some early morning meditation classes, and will let you know when these eventuate.

If you are a Visitor or Casual (i.e you don’t come to every class) please note that BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL in RESTORATIVE ONLY as our classes are pretty full with regulars I.e. People who buy a pass and wouldn’t miss a session, and we don’t have an inexhaustible supply of props. TEXT  or EMAIL ONLY YOUR BOOKING REQUEST TO 0402 088 170.  Please don’t ring me. 

“The Bentinck” is on the corner of the Romsey Road and the High Street in Woodend.  Yoga students please enter from  the start of the Romsey Road only – the double gate entry with the big yoga sign.  Sorry, “Staff parking” at the front entrance off Carlisle Street does not mean you.  Please think of others when you park. If you are looking for any changes in times and days, then please go to the web site.  You will find everything there. There is also our blog.

NEXT TEACHER TRAINING CLASS – The next will be on Sunday 7th June at the Bentinck – in the Yoga Room.  Please join us.  If you are a distance ed. student then the cost of the afternoon is $10.  If you are a visitor you are most welcome – and if you are not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $20.

COFFEE I have found the most fabulous coffee.  It roasted close by.  Roasting day is Saturday, roasted beans take 3 to 5 days to reach perfection, so if you order beans they can be sent to you and reach you at their peak.  I know you have all tasted coffee, but you have never tasted coffee like this.  You will be pleased to know they do donate back to support coffee growers.  Email us for details of our YOGA COFFEE – it is spectacular.   Chocolate and cocoa overtones, great as a shot or with milk.  Mildly sweet with caramel and almond characteristics.  
THE FORGIVENESS BOOK This book is still travelling,  keep it moving along, the list is longish.   And…..If you would like to be next on the list of 108 people, please email me… 
This is an ongoing philanthropic effort for us and the money as you know goes towards buying bandages and other necessities for the  mission.    If you can send even a few dollars, please do (talk to Deb on Tuesdays or Wednesday to arrange).  We live the yamas, so,  you will know the money will go to where we say it will go, and be used for what we say it will be used for..  No staff or administration fees deducted at any point! 
Everything will change for you when you work out that there is plenty of time in every day to complete the important things.

All our classes are available via distance education and you can start any time..  Thank you to those students who are moving from their 200 to another, higher course.  Once you have got into the habit of learning, then it is easy to keep going….
Within our school there are three levels of YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, plus a course in the Gita, the fundamental source of all yoga teaching through the ages.

*THE BHAGAVADGITA (and YOGA PHILOSOPHY) which is like a Certificate or Diploma Level,  RYTA 200 which is our “degree course”  and     *RYTA500 the “masters”.


Most people have never met, and don’t understand, that there are angels all around us whose only job is to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable, fall asleep and miss the important moments (and gifts) in your life.  
THE SHOP and ETSY This week I received an email from one of our students who had purchased the chakras and colouring book and REALISED THAT COLOURING THE DRAWINGS  WAS A MEDITATION.  I celebrated.  It has taken a year for a student to understand the reason for the drawings. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU……!!!

ALL OUR IN-HOUSE DVD’S AND CD’S ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS SITE.  Please remember that they are not flashy high cost productions, although they may seem expensive compared to those freely available in stores…..  Our videos are made by Deb and me to answer your various questions.  They are useful in your course.

ADDITION TO THE TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL:  I am putting together a manual which will be included in each new  RESTORE AND RECOVER trainees initial pack.  It will also be available on etsy for anyone of you who wants to buy it.  It will contain * A Beginners Guide to Teaching Restorative Yoga *  Basic Anatomy and physiology  * The Chakras The Yamas meditation and meeting scripts, and anything else I think is useful as the project progresses.      

YOGA SWINGS: I have five second-hand (almost new) swings in perfect condition available for $100.  Please contact me personally if you would like one of these.
ETERNITY THE PRAYER – (not on the site yet, but will be there soon).

  I move with the infinite in nature’s power.  I hold the fire of the soul.  I hold the life and healing”. (Rig Veda)
REGISTRATION/INSURANCE We are giving you total choice now, although it may be a bit more expensive…..
YOUR TEACHER TRAINING YEAR (or so): We are culling our files and putting old files in archive.  If you have not sent in any modules, and have not communicated in the last year, your file will be archived.  If you are in this category you will be contacted by Debbie to let you know how to proceed.  Once archived, you can still continue your course, but there will be a fee to start it up again.  If you are not sending in modules, and are not communicating, then how can we know if you are a student!

Also, just signing up and not sending in any modules means you are not really a trainee yoga teacher, and unless we receive regular communication (even if it isn’t modules), at a certain point we will deem that you have disconnected from us, and we will disconnect from you.  And, coming to class with no intention of completing the course just to get the cheaper, easier student insurance, and free classes isn’t exactly living the yamas!  Sooner or later we will call your bluff.
If you are a trainee Yoga Teacher who has been working on the course for more than a year please understand that your course fee only gives you FREE classes with me for your first training year – the first 12 months only.  Imagine if what would happen to our Institute if  you took three years to finish your course and you could still come to classes free for the entire course.  We do our fee calculation based on 12 months of free yoga classes. Your training fees cover you for a year, after that we ask you to pay $10 per class.

  I have found  if you paddle your boat it is easier to maintain the illusion of control, but I tell you it is so much more fun if you pull the oars in and just let the river take you where it will….

VIDEOS:  THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL – THEY ARE NECESSARY! Only $275 per annum. Please look down the list of the videos before you try to do stick drawings, or organise your journal.  I have shown you what I recommend..  All you have to do is download.  I even did a video on ‘The Gita.  Good feedback thus far – thank you.      Please.  Email us and Debbie will make sure that you are logged in promptly..

Afternoon tea will happen, and I will let you know when.  May make it a dual ceremony.  The Restorative Yoga Course, and a new Scholarship!   We couldn’t offer the scholarships we do without your help.  So, thanks for your support.   
I have just finished some miniatures for the “1000 OM” Project.  I will put them on the site when I have got them totally ready for you to buy.  The first will be appearing on the poem above.   The small lino prints that I hand-colour are already on the ETSY site – the tiny Sumi paintings have sold out.
GARDENING WITH BENEFITS It has been so OLD here, and I have had so much to do getting the Restorative course off the ground, that I have not had time to get into the garden, except to water the veggies.  Everything is beginning to hibernate for the winter, so it is not crucial.  The bees were checked the other day, and they are hunkering down for the winter too.  Soon be time to consider a small fortnightly feed for them too.
YIN YOGA/ANATOMY/MEDITATION DVD’s – all with Paul Grilley PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PEOPLE, INVEST IN THESE DVD’s.   They are the best and will form the backbone of your yoga references.     As I have told you before when I bought mine they cost $100 or so each.  I thought that this was a good investment.  I think half that is a steal! And that is what we are selling this for.

JAHNE’S MENTORING SESSIONS ….  Because Jahne has been teaching yoga teachers for more than 40 years, and running a business the Buddhist way for much longer than that (and successfully) she is often asked for advice. Asking course questions is free. This does not mean IDLE Yoga questions “just because you want to know” – She could spend her whole day answering those and getting no-where, in spite of the fact you may think your life will not end if they are not answered. 
REGARDING DEBBIE –  If you want to speak to Debbie about any aspect of the courses – she has done them, please remember that she only comes in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  On those days she is available on Ph: 0354 273 518.  I am always here, and available preferably on email or text because I teach and am not always at my desk.  Don’t hesitate to email me and I will answer your email or text as soon as I can.

THE LAST WORD: I try to imagine life without being able to speak to God, but none of the days without that special energy have the same laughter, or opportunities…..

For more wonderful, delicious thoughts
Log on to our Web site
and tune in to our videos  daily.         ENJOY – Love and Blessings,  

Namaste Jahne

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