Good morning students,

THIS IS AN URGENT CALL OUT….  We are trying to bring our video subscriptions into line – and no matter how many times I ask, some of you have just relaxed into your course routine, and are not paying attention, and not answering emails and call-outs.  Maybe you have changed your contacts and have not let us know.

There are changes, and to make it easier, I would ask you to look at the options below, decide which you are in, relax if you are up to date, and if you are not, contact me so that we can fix your subscription. If I don’t hear from you between now and Wednesday next week, I will presume that everything is OK.

As we have said many times, The videos are ONLY included in the fees for the first 12 months, after that, you have to re-subscribe every 12 months – this is clearly spelled out in the application, highlighted and in red.  Some people take years to finish the course…  however, you can get the 160 contact hours completed in the first year, and then you will not need to resubscribe for the videos.  How you manage this is optional.

IN ORDER TO GRADUATE:   you will need to have PERSONALLY JOURNALED and transferred to your passport monthly that you have watched however many hours of videos you need to make up the 160 of personal contact hours.  These hours cannot be made up any other way except videos, and/or going to a yoga class with a trained insured teacher who is prepared to sign you off each term.  All this was spelled out to you in your application, your first packages, and your passport reflects this.

Which category are you in….

1. There are students who have just signed up, or are within the first 12 months of their sign up.  Please check if this is you, and make sure you can still access the videos (maybe your old password will not work – or you have not accessed your password).

2. There are students who are over that first 12 months and have paid for ongoing video service  and are up to date.   Thank you….!  Check your password access.

3.  There are students who are over that 12 months and their subscription has expired, they need to re-subscribe at $275 per year for unlimited access to the videos and their password won’t work.

4. There are a very few students who have paying by the month.  These are usually up to date with regards to payment, but not with regards to passwords.  Check your password access.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,   If you believe you are still doing the video section of the course, if you want to continue with the videos, check to see if you password is working.  Whether it is or it isn’t, if you have not contacted me, I have to presume it is.  Email me at

When you contact me.  Let me know your sign up date, or the day you re-signed for the videos, and your category above..Let me know if you have changed your name, your address, and/or your email.    I will line up our records and re-assign you a password.  This has to be done via our ISP, so it will not be immediate, but it will be done.

Thank you for your patience.  If you have ever tried to reassign information in your own computer, you will know how difficult and confusing it can be.  We need your help to make it ACCURATE. We are making every endeavour to put you in charge of your own records.  I thought it would be easy – it is not.   I though everyone would see what we are trying to achieve here and respond to help us.    Please get your records and your subscriptions up to date.

(Perhaps whilst you are at it, check your REGISTRATION, and your INSURANCE.  It needs to be done yearly).

Have a great day.  Jahne