Hi there Trainee Teachers and graduates,

Just a reminder.  We now have more yoga classes happening.  Especially in RESTORATIVE (Remedial) which is what people are wanting at this time. Click on “classes” above.

I also have been giving spontaneous teacher trainings to those people who want them and are in front of me at the right time…  These have been very productive and led us down some wonderful an unexpected pathways.

TAROT – I am open for sessions (unusual, fantastic outcomes I must say).  If you want to see me, or get an on-line reading.. let me know.  I do have a web site for that – www.teaandtarot.moonfruit.com

Don’t forget to make some devotional time for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Surrender your time.  Is your life about busy’ness or relationships? Surrender your talent – are you being used for greed or generosity.  Surrender your business to generosity.  Use your talents to faithfully serve others.


Have a lovely week.  Please log on and subscribe to our channel.  When 100 of you do that, we will qualify for a link.  Right now, Google “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube” will get you there.


Namaste.  Jahne