It has been an interesting week.  On Wednesday my computer crashed and whilst I wait for a fix, I am back re-learning my tiny laptop Air.

On Thursday (my day off) I went to the Theosophical library as I usually do whenever possible on my day off.  I was researching for the coming teacher training, and the masterclass in Shepparton. I knew the yogi/writer I was looking for.   As I passed down the isles of delicious books, I found the perfect book.  It dropped into my hands, perfect.  I took it to the front desk to check it out (still by card and stamp!).

The librarian started to go through the lending out process, and suddenly stopped, because she had noticed that the book was a first edition, rare and not able to be removed.  Luckily, because I am a member, and a regular (a member for about 30 years – my file is right up the top of the filing wall of shelves and can only be reached by a long ladder), she allowed me to take the book.

When I got on the train, I was impatient to start the book and flicked through it. Imagine my surprise when I found beautiful crisp notes (money) between some of the pages, used as bookmarks. Obviously someone who has more money than me.  Whatever, it was a great  find, and to me a sign that I was looking in the right direction.  When I got home, I rang the library to inform them of the find.  The money was not theirs, it was not mine so I have put it to good use, giving it to missionary projects at the Church and elsewhere.  It was not a big windfall, just an “hello” from Spirit.  Thank you God.


I have been thinking about identity.  More people ask me about this than ANYTHING ELSE.

These are the steps that my life has taken in that regard.

DIETY – I first encountered Spirit when I was six.

IDENTITY – although I didn’t feel settled in it, this encounter formed my identity.

DESTINY – When I knew my identity was in yoga, spiritual yoga, I knew my destiny.

AUTHORITY – embracing that destiny has given me authority on my path.  I was able to do and say and be those things that resonate with me, and allow me to teach from strength.

VICTORY – this has been the source of my victory.  It is not “the end of the road”.  There is more to learn.


It can be like this for you too if you are prepared to do what you were meant to do.  Not what you THINK you SHOULD do.  Once you can change your mind, you can change your life.  Yoga may be your vehicle as it has been mine.  Not the only thing, but a vehicle.  A way to get from here to there.  The greatest moments for transformation are in the moments of transition, when the road is revealed to you.  It may not be an easy road, but that is OK.



Don’t forget, Teacher training is on the first Sunday in the month (7th April) at my studio, 2pm to 4pm, and yes, it is school holidays.  Not far away. Please make the opportunity to come. We always have breakthroughs and everyone is welcome.

At the Studio, 37 Morris Road in Woodend.  Please park on the white gravel.

Cost:  At the Studio and in Bendigo, there is a cost $20 for  trainee teachers, $30 for everyone else., for 2 hours of concentrated trainings from Jahne.

BENDIGO Studio: Teacher Training,9th April, 3.30pm to 5pm.  Crusoeden Body, Church Street,  Kangaroo Flat (not far from Bunnings, same side of the street, behind the Metricon Building – at the traffic lights after Bunnings,  turn right).

SHEPPARTON MASTERCLASS: “B-Yoga” in Kialla (Heidi VanMannenberg).  Saturday 13th April. for details and to book.  This will be a splendid class.  I have a few subjects to cover prompted by misunderstandings I have noticed recurring on your modules.  You will also see how I teach classes… how I assess clients, how we move them forward.



For the past couple of months I have been investigating new insurance opportunities for our students, and graduates. It has been a real grind.   I have got down to a short list, however, I am pretty sure that we will be going with AON. They used to be the insurers of IICT, so they know yoga, and the modalities that we are likely to be engaged in.

One agency quoted me $3,600 (!) for a studio policy.  Guess what, they are not getting my business, or yours I would think.  I don’t know how they magic’ed up that number, but they did…. I must look or sound impressive for them to imagine that $3,600 would be within my budget.

AON seems to be the simplest – and they listen.  You can sign up on-line or by post.  Even if your registrations are not due yet, check them out.  They are in Melbourne and accessible.  Everyone I have been dealing with at AON knows about yoga first hand – the senior account exec. is a trained yoga teacher, and others have mothers/sisters/ or relatives doing yoga.  So I didn’t have to tell them how we train or how we teach.   AON can even insure you when you travel to different countries to teach – even the USA!  And they are economical.  Prices go up everywhere for everything, but I think AON are competitive.  The cover you request determines the cost of the policy.

When you want to be insured, your registration with us either Student or Graduate level will have to be current, and needs to be sent with the application. They will check.  You will need first aid certification including CPR.  You will also have to make sure that everyone who trains with you signs a waiver (you had a sample in your initial pack).  All these help to keep the price down as you are taking up part of the risk.


All the courses you do through us are recognised by the insurance company AON, IF YOU HAVE A CERTIFICATE FROM US TO PROVE YOU HAVE DONE OUR COURSE (THE MODALITY) TO THE REQUIRED LEVEL.. AND IF YOU ARE REGISTERED WITH US –THEN YOU CAN BE INSURED FOR THAT MODALITY.  If you have a modality that you did not do with us, and  does not appear on their list, let AON know, and we can get it covered – you will need a certificate to prove you have trained in that modality.

Once AON finalise the applications from us,  their representation becomes official, and we get the modalities registered, we can go ahead. There could be slip ups, and hold-ups, but I think we are just about at the end of our negotiations.



Please register with us.  We are your lineage, your parent.  You can adopt and be adopted, but you only have one birth parent in yoga, and we are that school.  I know you could register with other Yoga Schools and academies, but why would you?  Even at church this morning people were grumbling that Yoga was no longer rebated by the health funds…  so there is no reason to register with anyone else.  You aren’t going to get anything different than we provide, and if you have registration from us, you will get your insurance easily.  AON recognise our Registration.

Plus, your registration keeps things running smoothly – without you, we can’t do what we do.  There are other schools that say they are NON-PROFIT.  Honestly, do you know any business that can run on air? None.  They have large staffs, large budgets, advertising and marketing departments.  Even if some are volunteers, someone pays for core staff.  What is left over goes to “good works”.  At our Institute we run on the smell of an oily rag.  We have no large budgets or overheads, and everything I can give goes back to our students keeping our certification and registration low-cost.



Please, if you have not subscribed do so today.  I have another video to load, but I can’t until my computer is well again. So, Tuesday evening or Wednesday will be the next opportunity when this can happen.  Go to google and “Jahne Hope-Williams, YouTube” and subscribe.  Please watch the videos, and use the information in your modules.  I don’t do them for entertainment, I do them so you can get a greater understanding.


YOGA WITH JAHNE. . all STUDIO classes $20

You will find them on our yogabeautiful web site.   Click on “classes”.

The Yoga Studio will be closed for the school holidays from the 8thApril to 22nd April, although meditation classes on Tuesday at 11 and Sunday at 9.15am will be as usual. Any unplanned changes will be on the web, so please check if you plan to come during the School holidays.


Also on the videos. I am walking the viewers through the cards in my Revelation Tarot Deck. The new book has been loaded.   I am starting to introduce my next 13 cards. As soon as they are printed they will be on ETSY.   Google “Jahne Hope-Williams You Tube” to get there. I need 100 subscribers before we are granted an easy link.

TAROT CARD MAKING CLASS:Tuesdays 7-9pm on the 16thand 23rdApril, at The Studio. $50 per person per nite or $85 for the two paid on or before the first class. Everything provided. Email to book or pay:

DOWSING CLASS:Tuesday 2ndApril 7 to 8 pm at The Studio $25.


EMAIL/POST:  Please use the email address  for anything to do with accounts,  or the usual to get to me. If you do want to speak to me personally, then email, make a time suitable for both of us, and then we can chat.  If you do it this way, rather than just “wing it”, you can be reasonably sure I have time, and you will get my attention.  POSTAL ADDRESS is not at my home –Please address all land mail to PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon.  Vic. 3441.  Until you see a change written here in large letters, that is where it will be.

Don’t forget to Register if you are teaching even if you have not graduated (especially if you have not graduated), insure and re-subscribe.

Namaste.  Jahne