THOUGH FOR TODAY:  “Yoga is not about touching your toes – it is all about what you learn on the way down”.



Please keep in mind that although I do Tea Leaf reading occasionally I don’t read minds….. when I receive documents from people who have married, changed address and have not contacted us for some time, and not let us know about those changes, I will have a hard time responding.   Over the past month or so this has happened a few times. Unidentified modules in an envelope, or requests for re-registration from people who have not let us know of really basic and big changes in their names, addresses and contacts… Please keep us up to date. Also keep in mind I am a human being, not a computer. I really do like a little personal note in with your modules if you have been away for some time. Just chucking stuff in an envelope after a long time of no communication, says to me that you don’t understand the REAL yoga, haven’t thought about the yamas in a while, and really don’t care. I am your teacher, and I DO care.  I look forward to reading every module, I love getting big enveloped packed with modules and little personal notes.  It is what Distance Education is all about.  Building a relationship, not just getting a qualification.

On that note I must say I am always amused by students who come to me for their qualifications so that they can be registered and insured, and having once achieved that,  and graduated, pretend that they were trained in India by some exotic Swami.  Once again – they have forgotten the yamas (and that our school is really part of their lineage, no matter how “un-Indian” I am, we are!).



It is really winter here, although we haven’t had much snow.. it will happen. It has snowed up the mountain, and sort of snowed here. Although I don’t hold Yoga outside, people behave as if I do, and the mats are pretty empty at this time of year. I must say I understand this, and am staying inside drawing, painting and doing warm things, although I am ALWAYS at class when I say that I am.

Lots of my students have taken off for Europe. I could go, and I have thought about it but after a lifetime of travel, heaven for me is to just get a good day of painting done. I get up at about 5’ish (I don’t watch the time), meditate (long meditations), then do my toilet and breakfast, write, answer the mail, do the “urgents”, tidy the garden, and then breathe and get down to painting after lunch. I break at about 4 and start yoga teaching until 7.30 or so. Supper, more painting and then sleep. As I said. Heaven! I only have a certain amount of time, and I want to absolutely fill it to the brim with good things.

I am holding a MEDITATION MANDALA painting class on Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm from the 24th July for 5 weeks.   You won’t need any experience, just a willingness to learn and go slowly. I teach art like I teach yoga – we start with the foundations.

Go to to see more, and email me to book your spot.


CLASS DETAILS:      SATURDAYS from 2 – 4 pm teenagers TUESDAYS from7pm- 9 for adults.

COST $250 for 5 classes – all materials will be provided. Start Date: 24th July.

There are only 4 spots left available in the Adult class at time of posting this.

By the end of the class you will have a unique image to take home, and frame to put in your own meditation room.  The one below is not quite finished.  Yours will not be so complex, although it will be this size and similar although simpler.  I have got the boards all ready for you.  This one is the GAYATRI MANTRA in Tibetan script, with translation and English.  When your painting is finished it will be a valuable addition to your meditation room (and perhaps something you will hand on to your children).



Thank you to those students who have expressed a willingness to “go for Gold”. The Post Graduate Diploma! It won’t to be easy, and has been interesting to hear from those people with not many actual teaching hours up their sleeves who think they know it all. Well maybe they do, but not about this. This is a new and challenging branch of yoga and very complex. It will be some months before I get the group together and we start – the students have requested a breathing space, and it is probably a good idea. I am looking forward to passing on what I have learned, and will support these girls every inch of the way. It is a hard course, but it is also a hard yoga. My students at Rehab have said I am a ‘tough old tart”. My answer to that is that teaching into this community is ‘tough old tart business!”.



My art work allows me to teach pro-bono to the rehab community, and give out scholarships… It is not just painting for the sake of painting. In July I am initiating a web site totally focused on my art work.  All proceeds from the work sold at REDS, and the High Tea will go to the GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION.

The next show will be a “HIGH TEA +Tarot” to herald the release of my new “silk finish” Revelation tarot deck and new Buddha/Angel Meditation prints. As usual it will be at Reds Restaurant in Woodend, and at the moment we are looking at the 22nd of July. We haven’t settled on an exact date yet. There will be a cost, you will have to book for the high tea although the exhibition will be open to all.

Because there will be a beautiful High Tea, and we need to know the numbers, please book. It will cost $45, and you need to pay with your booking (for catering purposes we need to know you are serious). A Tea Leaf Reading is included in the price.   Remember when I used to do it every day at my little café/yoga room – Mt.Macedon Tea Rooms? People came from all over to get a reading, it was fun, it was good..   On this occasion a booking with Tarot Reader will be available, however, NOT included in the price, and you will need a separate booking for the tarot which is a longer and personal reading.



You trained with us, you are a part of our lineage (or we are a part of yours), Registration supports this. PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION. You need to be currently registered for your insurance to be valid, and you will need to supply a copy of a valid registration to be insured.   Please check your insurance requirements – keep up to date. They change quickly.



We have fallen in line with other organisations and ask people who are registered with us and wish to re-register to do at least one short course in the year as a continuing education requirement. You need to keep up. You can do one of my little courses on ETSY, or someone else’s, doesn’t have to be onerous, just something to keep you on your academic toes so to speak. Just watching a DVD won’t be enough unless you actually write a report on what you watched and why you watched it – the outcome – how it changed how you do what you do.


YOGA WITH JAHNE…..CLASS TIMES – all classes $20

MONDAY      11.30 Northcote with Ling (Gentle Hatha) Not open public hols.   6.30pm Hatha with Nic at The Bentinck

TUESDAY     7pm Hatha at The Bentinck – (NB:  From 24th July  this time slot will be taken up for 5 weeks as a Thanka painting Class to be held at The Home Studio).

WED.             12.30 Philosophy class at The Home Studio,  5.30pm Gentle Restorative at The Bentinck,  6.30pm Hatha at The Bentinck

FRIDAY         6.30pm FREE COMMUNITY MEDITATION CLASS.    Meditation/Relaxation at The Bentinck. props provided.

SAT.              10am Hatha The Bentinck   12.30 Restorative at Home Studio

SUNDAY       5pm at the Bentinck



A Healing Massage with Jahne can be had between Yoga Classes  (at The Bentinck) by appointment only – even on weekends.

Mon/Tue/Fri 4pm and 5pm Saturday 2.30, Sunday 4.30pm


Yoga $20 per Class Or CLASS PASS – $135 per 10 CONSECUTIVE classes.

Teacher Training, etc $20     Massage: 85 per session


THE BENTINCK – on the corner of High Street and Romsey Road, Woodend.

Enter ONLY through the Romsey Road gate where you see the yoga sign.

Do not park in the front of the Bentinck. The main two story building is NOT The Yoga Centre.

HOME STUDIO – 37 Morris Road, Woodend.

Park on white gravel in front of the studio, or in the drive-way directly opposite in front of double grey garage rolladoors. Not in front of neighbours driveways please.

NORTHCOTE: 9 Langwells Pde. (near Aldi).   Ling will be taking over these classes, she is our trainee yoga teacher.

Plenty of parking at Aldi. FREE 2 Hour park, or All Day nearer the Police Station at the back.



The next one will be on Sunday 1st July, 2pm to 4pm  at my home studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend). There is no need to book. Bring writing materials, and be early. If you are teacher Training student then the cost of the afternoon is $20 (to bring it in line with yoga classes) (which applies to everyone. If you are a visitor and not formally a student teacher with us then the cost is $30 – for a 2 hour class! Come.

BENDIGO Teacher Training classes –Next class is Tuesday 3rd July at 3.30pm Turn at the Metricon building on the highway in Kangaroo Flat. It is a traffic light intersection, just up from Bunnings. Crusoeden is the building behind Metricon building, and faces Church Street. It’s easy to find. Cost: $20 per class (to bring it in line with the cost of a yoga class) for everyone who attends – thank you. (Directors – Jayne Boyle  –  Regular classes held – please email for timetable.




In July I will be launching a new web site which will focus on my artwork and our Mandala art classes.

 Etsy is Etsy. I write books to help you in your course. Please download them, and then please use them in answering your modules. Please never imagine that I don’t read your modules – I do. If you misquote, I will pick it up.

That being said….Why haunt libraries for information on the chakras, yamas, and other yoga philosophies relevant to the course (or The Tarot). It is all on ETSY. We do plan to update our shop (and the prices) with the new web update, but we will never be able to offer the options and service of etsy which has millions of customers.   For you who have never used ETSY please visit. It is fabulous and oh so EASY.   You will find all our books, our DVD’s and CD’s on ETSY.   (The Paul Grilley DVD’s are on our web site shop). Please go to Or for the Paul Grilley DVD’s (price about to go up as the exchange rate gets more difficult). If you are new and haven’t read about YAMAS, CHAKRAS then I have distilled them for you. Go to the Etsy site as above and have a look – especially at the new book and DVD on Hypermobility..

PRINTS: HIGH QUALITY Prints of my artwork will be available on etsy as soon as they are available, and on my new art web site when it comes on line.


TO CONTACT US:   EMAIL/POST:  Please use the email address  for anything to do with accounts,  or the usual to get to me. If you do want to speak to me personally, then email, make a time suitable for both of us, and then we can chat.  If you do it this way, rather than just “wing it”, you can be reasonably sure I have time, and you will get my attention.  POSTAL ADDRESS is not at my home – Please address all land mail to PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon.  Vic. 3441.  Until you see a change written here in large letters, that is where it will be.

Don’t forget to Register if you are teaching even if you have not graduated (especially if you have not graduated), insure and re-subscribe to the videos every 12 months.   Don’t leave these to the last minute.


Love and Blessings


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