Good morning,

Just to keep you all in the loop.

My time at The Bentinck is coming to an end, and we are changing the class venues, but not the times.  The Monday morning classes are new.

I am starting the “By donation” yoga classes at The Uniting Church Hall in Woodend  on Monday 6th August.  We will start at 11am then FREE community lunch is at 12 followed by meditation (Yoga Nidra that i used to do at The Bentinck) at 1pm until about 2pm – all BY DONATION.  The next “By Donation” Hatha class  will be held on the following Friday at 3pm.  Please keep in mind that these classes are ALL By Donation.  No need to book – just come in.

Our usual Classes, Monday – 6.30pm, Wednesday – 5.30pm Restorative/6.30pm Hatha,  Friday – Meditation 6.30pm, Saturday – 10am Hatha, 11.30am Philosophy and 12.30 Restorative  will be held at home studio (37 Morris Road in Woodend), and will start on Monday 30th July.  

We will soon be starting MUMS+ONE with Charlie, and probably a kids yoga too.

Art Classes will start this Tuesday (tomorrow) at 7pm at The Home Studio.  We will be painting a Tibetan style Meditation Mandala.

The Art Show and Tea-Leaf reading at REDS last weekend was lovely, and has encouraged me to keep painting and to keep reading tea leaves.  I have done it for years, but have slowed down over the last 12 months… I will be appearing regularly at REDS in Woodend from Sunday 12th August at 2pm.  If you want to speak to me about the art being exhibited, or come to class, or have your tea leaves done at that time – I am yours.  I am also available to read the tea leaves any other time in the week and weekend when I am not teaching.    The cost of the reading – $85 for about 40 minutes which will encompass a review and one major question.  I also use the tarot in my readings.  Which one?  My own of course – The Revelation tarot.  The photo below.  Recently I found a new printer who updated the printing technique which resulted in a gorgeous silk finish.  This printer also professionally cut the corners, which has made an amazing difference not just to the quality, but also to the time it takes me to prepare a set.


Hope to hear from you soon.  For more information about Tea Leaf Reading go to  or for any enquiries about yoga or art (or readings)  email me at


Namaste.  Jahne