Dear Yogis,

Have you ever read the Bible?  Most of you probably not on the basis that it is too difficult, or your parents read it therefore you don’t want to, or you believe you can’t learn anything from it.

Wrong on most counts particularly the last one.  The Bible is a “self help program”.  Get over the words that look strange and get a translation you can read easily, then with patience you will get it, and hopefully learn from it.  Forget the prejudice..

For instance; When Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden.  They had everything they needed and more, however, they were human so guess what, like us when we have everything, we want something we can’t have.  We want to know what God knows, and Adam wanted just that, he didn’t want to be dependent.  He understood he wasn’t the captain of his soul or the master of his fate.   His value was not dependent on his wealth, status accomplishments or position.  When God said to Adam “Where are you?” he was not asking Adam to physically show himself.  God is all seeing, he knew where Adam physically was, but Adam was in a state of confusion.  God was asking Adam to look inside himself.  “Where are you?”.  

The apple and snake story was about them saying to God “we want to know what you know and provide for ourselves”.  Believing the serpent who told them that God was holding something back that would make everything clear, he was determined to KNOW no matter the cost, and it was great.  Their nakedness was not so much a lack of clothes as it was the complete vulnerability which they accepted when they cast aside their dependence for independence

Independence always comes at a high price, especially when it involves turning our back on the possibility of a Being greater than ourselves – which some call the Universe, or Spirit and which I call God.

Simplicity is a gift. It is a return to our  dependence on the gracious provision of God.  It allows us to live in a spirit of trust. Even in a time of Covid.  Try it.  Relax in the arms of a providing, embracing God.  Your day will expand, your stress levels will lower, and your moments of true happiness will increase. It is at the core of Simplicity.

Some students are so busy trying to be everything to everybody that they have lost site of what they actually have duty to, and they believe that they alone can provide for their family.  They would rather spend 15 minutes telling me what they can’t achieve than five minutes achieving something worthwhile. “WHERE ARE YOU”.

ZOOMING. (This means you don’t come to the studio – the lecture is on your computer –  for those who are not sure)

TUESDAY: (TODAY) 7.30 to 9.30pm for three sessions – Hypermobility lectures. $35
SATURDAY: TEA LEAF READING course – start date to be decided
SATURDAY: 2pm to 4pm – Tarot Training for three sessions ongoing
SUNDAY: 2pm to 4pm Teacher Training. First Sunday in the month. $20  (this Sunday)

1. Contact me via email to notify me you want to attend.
2. Put the fee into Direct Debit AND EMAIL ME THE RECEIPT.
Commonwealth Bank BSB: 063 806  Account: 1019 1251
3. When that has occurred i will send you the ZOOM ID in planty of time for you to join the     class.

ATTENTION:    If I don’t see the routine has been followed as above, and I don’t get the receipt, then I will presume you are not coming to class. Please have your mobile with you if you do Zoom.  If there is a tech hiccup you will be able to call me. PH: 0402088170