Dear Yogis

WEALTH, I have been there, not something I have to think about now, although I am abundant in so many ways, and gifted by COVID.

Simplicity always calls us to a simple lifestyle (some people imagine it to mean de-cluttering) however it does not often call us to a reduction in income.  This has also been imposed on most of us by COVID.  I understand that this subject of “giving” is dynamite,  especially when we feel we are suffering, or lesser-than..  It takes a special person to correctly handle monetary wealth.  Gluttony, greed, pride, jealousy and anger can creep in whilst we are not looking.  This path is one of great frustrations and great temptations, which those of us who don’t have great wealth will probably never think about. Receiving wealth draws moral choices, and difficult decisions that the rest of us will never have to make.

The most dangerous aspect of a wealthy lifestyle is the false sense of power it gives.  Wealth may give a mistaken sense of control.  People seek us out not because of who we are, but because of what we have.  Once the money goes you will not find them, they are on to the next person.  The the most dangerous thing of all – we begin to believe that we run everything, we are in charge.  The spiritual warriors we need to emulate are those who can receive $30,000 one day and give it away the next.. all of it.  Money is a very demanding ministry, and should never be attempted without spiritual guidance.

To deal with money in abundance you need a spiritual director who is not impressed by money, and will tell you the truth in all circumstances, with tenderness. You will need to be truthful, open, listening and able to be taught.  The gift you have been given, the  work you have undertaken will put you in great spiritual danger.  Although it is difficult, great good can come from it. There are many examples of people of great wealth who have been released from the need to hold on to it.  Who have been able to freely give.

This ministry is not just for the super wealthy.  This work is usually under taken by ordinary people with simple budgets. People with a willingness to be a channel.  There are many ways to approach this however in this time of COVID, are we able to simplify our lifestyle, budget correctly, and what you have saved, give away? I have a largish piggy bank and I put all my spare change in it every day, and this is one way that I am able to give to unexpected small missions.  It is easy, and the money mounts up rather quickly, although,  whilst I have no classes,  am not shopping and have little cash it has slowed somewhat.

The photo shows my lovely piggy bank, and the last empty out…. People who pay me in coin enable this ministry.  Some students get paid in coin, they use this coin to learn yoga and pay me in coin, and I use the coin in donations and missions.  It is a lovely service and a good use of money.

We will tackle the Gifts of tithing, service, and sacrifice in coming newsletters.  In the meanwhile, eat well (look at the blog for recipes (

Please resubscribe to the videos, Why do zoom classes when this has always been available to you.  A whole year’s learning is available to you in 15 minute grabs – whenever you have 15 minutes which is the usual video unit time, and don’t forget this COVID time is a great opportunity to get up to date with your modules, and check your REGISTRATION.

Keep well and keep safe.  I miss our classes, seeing you, speaking with you…

Namaste,  Jahne