Dear Yogis,

What lovely garden weather we have been experiencing, not that I had time to see it.  Once a year we have to volunteer an extra morning at The Mt.Gallery, and last weekend was mine – so I was there on the last Sunday in the month plus  Saturday afternoon to see the portraits (mine included), Sunday morning and will be back there this coming Saturday.  Please catch up with me there, you can see the portraits too.  I may be finished a new bag to exhibit.  Every one I put there I sell, and as they just don’t get my paintings, I should concentrate on bags I guess.  I am not going to be painting galahs or possums!!!

I am going to have an exhibition in my own little gallery.  There will be my work, plus some prints and originals from really good artists – if you wants birds or animals then I will have some for you which will be real investments.

I speak as a sometime Catholic, sometime protestant, and full time yogi.  The ongoing pokes at the Pope and the Vatican recently inVictoria can only re-inforce what was said in the Guardian years ago.   Read “Put the pope in the dock” – an article that came out in the Guardian 14 years ago – written by the fabulous  Legal immunity cannot hold. The Vatican should feel the full weight of international law.

The article was brought out of the vaults and given another airing this week – you might have seen it.  It is worth a second look.  God didn’t create the Vatican, and it should not be revered.