Dear Yogis,

Only one message this morning.

Our MONTHLY YOGA LUNCH is at The FULL MOON SALOON in Woodend (Yes, I always call it The Lone Wolf Saloon because of the wolf in the logo).  When?  THIS SATURDAY at 1pm.  Please join us.  The food is fabulous, and the ambience is great too.


Pluto in Aquarius; the biggest astrological event of 2023

For the first time in two and a half centuries, Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth will move into the sign of Aquarius, on March 23.   Pluto can bring endings and downfalls and her destruction  paves the way for a better world with positive progress, even if we cannot see it at the time.  Many people can relate to the energy of Pluto on an individual level. It pertains to transformational trauma, shadow work, power struggles and secrets being revealed. Pluto’s trek through Aquarius is a long one, affecting generations of people and changing the world and our individual lives.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and after it moves into Aquarius on March 23 it will return to Capricorn in June before settling back into Aquarius in 2024 through 2044.  Pluto’s three month visit into Aquarius will give us a preview of the transformations to take place until 2044.  The last time Pluto went through Aquarius was 1778-1798 and history tells the tales of the American revolution as well as the Age of Enlightenment.

Because Aquarius rules new technology, many inventions were created then like the hot air balloon, the sewing machine and the small pox vaccine. Your tarot would have been flagging changes for the last few weeks.  The Tarot is not predicting, it is heralding change, giving you the opportunity to move cleverly in your life.

The Tarot when i read it advises and consults.  It is not a predictive tool, although it can be – the tarot is a way to negotiate change, and easier than the maths involved in astrology (as much as I admire those who do it).  Try the tarot – read it every day.  


The new term will soon be here.  I have students who have opted out of the term fee, having asked for it.  Seems it is easier to deal with fees on a monthly basis.  I used to have a student who paid BY THE YEAR.  Once she had paid that was that.  She came to anything and everything.  It worked for her.  If you want to pay by the year it is $1,000 and you can come to any session.  If you don’t want to pay for the year in advance (few do) the cost is $88 for four classes, or $220 per term.  There are no refunds – if you miss a class you can do another make-up class in the same week (not next month or next year).  

Just a reminder of times and changes.  I will be doing a zoom INTRODUCTION TO DISABILITY YOGA.  When I learn something useful, that add to our studio skills, I bring it to you… and I am doing it again here.  I will keep you posted.  I am still working on the book, it will be a biggie, about 60 A4 pages to download.


CLASS TIMES:  (Windarring –  Tues x 2 +Thurs+Fri).

STUDIO WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm, 2.15pm Wed. Restorative 1pm .

FREE ZOOM HERBAL WORKSHOP.  Mondays at 6.30 on zoom.

ZOOM – YOGA FOR DISABILITY Please register your interest – Maybe a Thursday or Friday evening zoom would suit us all.  Let me know or I will make an executive decision.   The zoom will include the book chapter by chapter.

APPOINTMENTS IN THE STUDIO – I am available for massage, hand massage, Bach Flowers and Tarot in THE TAROT ROOM… you choose your combo and we will explore them together. $85 per session no matter how we put it together.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  “THE FULL MOON SALOON”, Last Saturday in the month  (March 25th at 1pm) – I have booked already.  Please put it in your diary if you haven’t already.