Dear Students

Another week has rolled around..  whatever else you choose to do, please support ‘REAL YOGA’ (the kind that is not about the perfect pose).  We miss you, and I am sure your other teachers do too.

MONDAY.  1pm Studio Yoga, 6.30pm TEACHER TRAINING (zoom) – “Forgiveness Pt.3. This is a free session.
TUESDAY. 7.30 RUMI (zoom)
WEDNESDAY. Studio 5.30 Yoga.

We have had wonderful classes, especially the Sunday morning Gita.  We are nearly to the end of the Gita readings, and are considering an ongoing class which will compare THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD to the Ancient Biblical Scriptures…  I am looking forward to it.  Whilst most students were reluctant so speak of or read about God, quite a lot of interest has grown around this subject, and I would like to continue.  If you would like to join us on a Sunday morning you are more than welcome.  If you are serious about your studies I would suggest it is something that you need.  This also applies to the FREE Teacher Training Classes we have on a Monday at 6.30pm.  If you want to progress you should join us.  At the moment we are exploring forgiveness.  You may think this is not yogic, but we disagree.  There is a lot we have to forgive ourselves (and others) for – on and off the mat.  Of course, if what you are looking for is a fitness class or to teach a purely fitness class, well, we have never taught that, and we won’t be in the future.



The last few nights I have been catching up with my darning (I call myself “THE MIDNITE DARNER”).  It is the best time of the day for me, and I get heaps done at this time.  The rest of the day is just a practice run.  You may think of darning as a waste of time.  For me it is like yoga teaching, those people who don’t think they are worth my effort, are probably the ones who shine once I have “darned” their yoga souls. Teaching, darning, gardening, mending – they are all the same.  Making something when nothing was there.  Manifesting.  The question is – WHAT ARE YOU MANIFESTING?

If you want your precious items mended or darned, please email me a picture of the problem, I will give you a quote – yes, mending is an art and is not done on a machine in 5 minutes –  and then you can post it to me,  and I will post back on completion.  In Japan, darning is recognised as an art, and darned items are precious.  The darn is a badge of honour and often done in a contrasting colour to show it off, and to recognise the value and esteem in which you hold the item.  Like my hat which is almost all darn now, but there is no way I will throw it out – I will wear it until it is absolutely falling to bits  with no rescue possible, and then it can live on the hat rack after a life of good service.  ART.

Darning is a way to help the world.  A lost ART FORM and way of re-using and honouring your best pieces…  Even Vivienne Westwood celebrates (and has spoken openly and often) about buying less and loving our items of clothing more….  Look at your wardrobe, and send me things to darn that need help being beautiful once again.. Even jeans. 

I am going to start accumulating jeans and other discarded items from the op shops, mending them – making them better than they were in the beginning without the badge of honour,  and having a monthly sale and demonstration.  I will have lots at the upcoming “RESCUED – THE LOST ART OF DARNING DAY….” wait and see.  

Darning is like yoga.  I take an article has been discarded, forgotten, relegated to the back of the wardrobe.  Perhaps a garment that has a big hole.  I darn and blend it once again into the fabric of the garment – It is a long job that takes time and patience…however,  if the damage was recognised and caught whilst it was a small hole not yet a threat to the whole garment, energy,  time and money would have been saved.  The garment made new, sometimes better than it was originally.  

See you on the (mended) mat