Dear Yogis,

I didn’t do a Friday Newsletter, but then again, maybe you don’t need one.  I am learning to adjust on the run.

Things have changed a lot since Covid – people have changed a lot. Teachers who are advertising via email are mostly advertising restorative and relation classes, not meditation (people are even less inclined to sit), and I can’t remember when I last saw an advertisement for Hot Yoga, although it probably would be a good idea.  We are all winding down when it probably would be a good idea to “wind-up”.

No matter who you are, or where you are going, make yoga part of your day.  I could be talking to the converted, but I keep on reminding you.  If you have lost your way during covid, or in the confusion and “hurry, hurry” of the aftermath, then start again at the beginning with the 3 minute meditation.  I have even taught this at the check -out in our local supermarket (IGA not Coles) where every lane is a slow lane, and we do get the opportunity to chat with the assistants.  If the yoga class won’t come to me, then I take my  yoga to the streets, or in this case to the supermarket.

There is a key to my outreach – my hat.  No matter where I am, my hat attracts attention and people speak to me and ask me if I am an artist, or where did I get the hat, or what are the feathers?  The hat is much better than a dog – I can take my hat on public transport.  One of my Windarring students, who is said to be non-verbal and is quite mentally damaged said to me the other day that I was beautiful, why? “Because I looked like Willie Nelson”.  Even my Windarring students notice the hat.


THE NINE OF PENTACLES which refers to personal prosperity. As always some of the objectives I have established for myself may be difficult for others to comprehend. I could aspire to breaking a world record (I am not!), start a new profession, or just reach a particular level of internal, personal development. All that counts is that I desire to achieve my objective without allowing people (even close friends) to convince me otherwise!

This card indicates that if I persevere, I will achieve my objective.  I have to say that this is the case whether you choose the card or not – the Nine of Pentacles is a reminder, not a directive.  The only absolute requirement is that you know your goal, your objective.  If you don’t know where you are going then you can’t get there, no matter what you say or do, no matter which card you choose.



Just a reminder of times and changes.  I will be doing a zoom INTRODUCTION TO DISABILITY YOGA.  When I learn something useful, that add to our studio skills, I bring it to you… and I am doing it again here.  I will keep you posted.  I am still working on the book, it will be a biggie, about 60 A4 pages to download.


CLASS TIMES:  (Windarring –  Tues x 2 +Thurs+Fri).

STUDIO WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm, 2.15pm Wed. Restorative 1pm .

FREE ZOOM HERBAL WORKSHOP.  Mondays at 6.30 on zoom.

ZOOM – YOGA FOR DISABILITY Please register your interest – Maybe a Thursday or Friday evening zoom would suit us all.  Let me know or I will make an executive decision.   The zoom will include the book chapter by chapter.

APPOINTMENTS IN THE STUDIO – I am available for massage, hand massage, Bach Flowers and Tarot… you choose your combo and we will explore them together. $85 per session no matter how we put it together.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  “THE FULL MOON SALOON”, Last Saturday in the month – I have booked already.