Dear Yogis,

This morning my mind is on the TAROT.  The card I drew that has the message for everyone today is THE SUN – card number 19.  When we pull this card, we are filled with the life giving force of the sun.

No matter how things look, there is joy everywhere in your life.  Everything will be right no matter what is being played out around you.  This does not mean life is without care or responsibility, but it does mean that if we live our lives in a yogic way and look for the good,  for life in all things, we will find it.  The light of the sun will bring clarity to any situation.  Drawing this card means a renewal of energy. Click on “SUN”  to see the card from our REVELATION TAROT DECK (available on


For the artists, this card asks you to explore new avenues of creativity… maybe a project you have had on the back burner.  Always facing a new canvas or a new work takes confidence and a certain amount of recklessness and risk.  Do it!  You have the power.  Reach in and claim it.

This card asks us to reveal the inner child.  To have fun.  The sun asks you to accept you are a unique and beautiful being.

Show your gratitude through good works and prayer; remember your obligations to others.   Follow this and things will begin to go your way even though it may not look that way this minute.  Do not expect great wealth, this card is not about that.

Questions you may like to ask:

Who/what is blocking my power?

What/who is helping and healing me?

How do I express my uniqueness?

How can I develop my creativity?

Who am I in the world? (this is a good general meditation – drill down into the question until there is only one thing left… this may take some days of meditation practice but is a useful even though it is hard).

REFLECTIONS:  Sometimes the most wondrous things happen without an apparent reason.  They are a sign of Grace. Gifts from heaven, a blessing.  Don’t try and work out why or how these things have come into being… just be thankful.  It is hard for us to believe but you do not have to EARN everything.  Some things arrive unbidden, gifts, the bounty of heaven.

Have a lovely day.