Dear Yogis,

Thank you to those who came to our lunch.  The group is small, but we enjoy our monthly time together.  I hope you will make an effort to meet us – the last Thursday in the month.

I hope that you paid attention to my write up in our last newsletter on the vagus nerve.  Yes, you have one, and the article did pertain to you, to all of us.  Print it out, and save it.  You may need it.


Thank goodness you girls have got up to speed on this.  When I first started talking about it I was met with blank stares and a “here she goes again”, attitude.  Now you have realised how important this is to all of us.  In the day I was militant.  In the day I belonged to the feminists who got behind this decision in Australia – we thought we had made a difference.  Had we? It seems not.  

I am not endorsing any party but this arrived in my inbox regarding Roe vs Wade.  Please don’t reply to me regarding your politics or what you presume mine are.  I include this only because the Greens have already taken a stand, and I think what they said was important enough to pass on.  .

“In the US this week, we saw the overturning of Roe v Wade. This move is devastating and such a huge step backwards for reproductive rights.
The Greens give our solidarity to everyone impacted by this decision, and all those who are fighting back.

I wanted to take some time to write to you about abortion rights in Australia. Thanks to decades of activism, abortion is now legal across the country. But having been part of this long, difficult journey in NSW, I know that we can’t take our rights for granted.This US decision is a harsh reminder of the inadequacy and precariousness of our right to abortion. The Roe v Wade decision is proof that we don’t have the luxury of complacency, because the threat to our rights being taken away is omnipresent.

As I wrote today in the Canberra Times, access to abortion in Australia is still a lottery depending on where you live, how much money you have or who you are.  People of colour, those living in remote and regional areas, and those unable to afford the costs of privatised services are the most affected – not to mention non-binary and trans people, who also need access to these services.

Our objective must be for governments to treat abortion services like other healthcare and ensure they are provided through our public hospitals, fee-free and covered by Medicare. Moreover, the Greens will always push for accessible, affordable reproductive healthcare across Australia, including easier access to the pill and long-acting reversible contraceptives, and support services that help people understand their options.  By normalising one of the safest medical procedures, we can remove the stigma and shame surrounding abortions, and provide access to all those who need it. We deserve nothing less.

Over the coming days, there will be calls to action taking place across the country. Please join them and raise your voice for safe, free and legal abortions. We must ensure accessibility of abortion, but more broadly we must build a strong, inclusive and intersectional feminist movement to dismantle the patriarchy that wants to control our bodies. 

Once and for all, let’s ensure that ‘our body our choice’ is not just a slogan but an unambiguous universal truth”.



Just a reminder that I am available for tarot readings over the zoom.  Are you stuck?  You might be caught between dimensions.  It can happen.  Not quite in the next dimension, not fully out of the other.  This can make your life quite complicated, however, knowing this can occur, and where we are in this shift can make our days flow a lot better.

We are in the middle of a big shift right now, going from our familiar 3D consciousness, through 4D to 5D.  In the 5th Dimension, nothing is as we are used to.  Take time, for example. In 3D, we use a watch to tell the time, we are happy with that, don’t notice any changes, and we move according to what the watch says.   When we advance into a 4D Consciousness, we discover that time moves faster when we are having fun, and slower when we are waiting for something we are not looking forward to. However, in 5D, our perception of time changes again. In 5D (and some of you are already there) it is always NOW because the past is not there, and the future hasn’t happened yet.

This will interest everyone who studies Karma.  Our concept of good and bad, right and wrong, is another thing that changes as we expand to higher levels of consciousness. In 3D, things are either good OR bad. In 4D, there are shades of grey and in this dimension we realize that people can do good things with bad consequences, or bad things happen that result in a positive outcome. In this dimension things can get rather complicated.   However, in the 5th Dimension which we call 5D (nothing I think to do with Telstra) in 5D, we realize that good and bad are just two sides of the same coin, and we all have both within us. What we choose good or bad,  is our responsibility and is especially influential because we can see both sides.  In this dimension we have totally integrated and owned our shadow so we can become whole, and it is all good…


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