Dear Yogis,

WINTER IS ON THE WAY (the sunshine may be fooling you – but your bones will feel the chill).  I am waiting for some new HOT BASALT STONES to arrive, and when they do,  HOT STONES MASSAGE will be back on the menu.

DISABILITY YOGA:  Today we had a breakthrough at Windarring Yoga class.  We had a class where two support workers were doing yoga, 4 of our usual class and one student who is non-verbal and non-ambulatory who has only looked on.  In this class one of our students who is almost non-verbal and trapped in a wheelchair accompanied our mat work on the piano, we had singing and omming as we did movements, and the one student who had never joined in (2 years thinking about it) got excited and joined in as much as she was able (face and hands).  Then we did a 7 minute meditation.   Wonderful.   Everyone was on a high and the energy is the room was fabulous as we packed away and got ready for home.  No-one wanted to leave the yoga room!



ZOOM CLASS :   Next Monday you will have questions relative to this STRUCTURAL YOGA THERAPY module which is one of the largest in the course.  It could take you a month to finish this one module.  Please send me a number of questions you want answered about this module.  5 questions will I think,  be enough from each of you.  Those I don’t have time to answer at zoom, I will email.

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) RESTORATIVE 2.15,  Wednesday Restorative 1pm,  FRIDAY RESTORATIVE 10am

DISABILITY YOGA CLASS in local hall probably in term three, by donation.

DISABILITY YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.  Starts Wednesday 12th June at 6.30 zoom class.

TAROT/PAST LIFE ADVISOR/counsellor – Always available by appointment.
I am updating the Etsy booklets relative to my decks (and my new RED deck).  I will let you know when this is done.

HOT STONES MASSAGE – Our Winter offering once the new hot stones arrive.  Weekdays and weekends by appointment only.

NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING – The last Sunday in June at 2.30