PLEASE COME – THIS EVENING,  the 9th February at 5.30, my newest venture is opening… My LITTLE GALLERY OF SMALL THINGS.

I have been showing you the style of work I will be exhibiting, and now you can come see.  I won’t be showing the pieces in Etsy until after the opening to give you all a chance to pick up a piece for yourself.  The new work to the left is a Kintsugi image with the gold “repair” an outline of Mt.Macedon.

Friday’s exhibition will be a friendly get together (nothing challenging – you will know most folk, I haven’t yet advertised to the public!) of my yoga family friends, students, clients (yes, you can bring a friend or two and I hope you will), so you can see my new works – some will not be finished, it is after all a working studio, not just an exhibition space.

This opening will give me a chance to get familiar with our new EFTPOS SQUARE (challenging), and all the little things one has to do at an opening, chatting, handing out champers, making sure everyone is heard, explaining the work… all those things.

THE GOD COLUMN:  The exhibition is certainly in my God column.  I have done all I can to invite you all, now its up to The Universe.  Whatever you ask for is on the way before it gets to you.   (If “God” is too hard for you, try “The Universe”, “Spirit”!).  Having said I have got the Exhibition Opening on the God Column – Please give Him/Her a hand and come along..




ZOOM GITA :  Monday  evenings at 6.30pm.    Although there is no charge, if you can, I would appreciate a small donation (or a big one!).  To donate go to the web site and click on PAY VIA PAY PAL.  Last Monday we discussed the Irish Magdalen Laundries, and how these dreadful institutions challenged the Gita, and how we could apply the Gita in life.

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm a joint class –  Kyneton and Gisborne combined.  Surprising changes coming up.

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Mon. 2.15, Wednesday Restorative 1pm YIN YOGA Tuesday 10.30 and Wednesday 2.15

NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING Sunday 25th February at 2.30

LITTLE STUDIO/GALLERY:  Opening PREVIEW TONITE Friday the 9th February at 5.30 – all my students (and friends) welcome.  I will have my newest series showing there in the original with prints and cards.  Especially a series on waxed tea bags of the Dalai Lama. The large paintings of Collette, Krishna and the Krishna starburst are finished and available at this time also.  I am working on Angels….  and I will be at The Mount Macedon Gallery on Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON: Saturday 27th February,  at The Full Moon Saloon. Woodend at 12noon.

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO and in the gallery.