Dear Yogis,


This month at Wednesday teacher training, and in our Monday zoom classes, we have been looking at The Diamond Cutter (the Michael Roach translation/interpretation of The Diamond Sutra) and talking about karma.  If you are a yogi reading this, then you should realise that karma doesn’t just turn on when you are making big decision, karma is at work every millisecond whether you understand it or not.  The law of cause and effect, it operates as a response to your thoughts and your words and your deeds, all day all night all of your life.

It doesn’t matter which holy book you read, you will find karma working out within its pages and stories.  Last night I was reading the Old Testament story about Joshua and his various battles.  How God spoke to him and at every stage alerted him to the effect of his actions.  At one time in one of his battles, God told him that if he fought the war according to the Law he would win, if he deviated he would lose.  The odds were immaterial, the way he fought and the intention of each tribe, each soldier counted.  In the first try, the battle was lost, so Joshua following God’s advice, looked closely at every soldier in the battle, and discovered one of his favourites had stolen artefacts from the opposing force.  Once he had taken the appropriate steps and righted the wrong, he went into battle again – a very small army against a mighty one – and he won.

This is at work in your life too.  If there is a “battle” you are trying to win and consistently losing, look closely at your intentions, and the minute steps towards the battle.  Make sure you are living according to the yamas, right any wrongs, work through the steps leading to the battle minutely –  and if you correct the steps (believe me there will be an aspect where you have deviated), the outcome has a better chance of being a positive one for you.  As it says in the Gita.  It is not about the battle.  God knows the outcome you have fought it many times before.  It is HOW you fight each of life’s battles that counts.  That is what makes the difference.


I have a sewing room full of bears I am fixing, washing and renovating to give to carers, rehab centres, aged care homes and generally to people who need just something of their very own to love.  A bear might seem a small thing, but to some people they are EVERYTHING.

If you could just see the look in a person’s eyes when they get a bear, and realise it is theirs to keep and love.  It is the most wonderful moment – and you can share in it.  By supporting me in any way you can we can continue this outreach.  I pay for the bears, and I take time to renovate them, giving out not one at a time, but 7 and 8 at a time.  I have a lot of bears, but I also have lots of requests for bears big and small….  It is great work, but I can’t do it alone.  I need your support.

Please buy a hand made bear of your own, buy one of my bear patterns via etsy (I will load them on Yogabeautiful soon) or just donate –  which you can do through PayPal on this page or go to  

I have also been asked by graduates how they can do what I am doing, in their community – I would love it if you did.  I will have a zoom chat that I will invite you to, when I discover a suitable time I will let you know.  I will give you as much lead time as possible, and then, you will be able to do what I do where you are.

I have a client who is a regular church goer and prides herself on her “unforgiveness” of others.  I know people who say they are Reiki Masters but don’t heal or care for others, people who say they LOVE yoga but don’t do any, and students (even trainee teachers) who say they will come to yoga or class and don’t come.  In every case their lives are a mess and they can’t understand why… I am sure closely examining intentions and changing negatives to positives would make a difference.

My TEDDY BEAR YOGA students, those in the community who are called “challenged”,  do what they say they will do.  In Tibet and other countries they would be seen as GIFTED, as SPECIAL, and this is how I see them. This is why our Teddy Bear sessions are so joyous – their intentions are pure. It is not easy work, it is energetic work, but I would do it every day if I could – I am having so much fun.

Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term.

Mondaythe 1pm class ONLY deferred until term 4 (re-starting 3rd October).  This hopefully will allow everyone to take care of families and school holidays for that 1 hour per week.
Monday 2.15 class as usual
Tuesday 1.30 Teaching at Windarring
Wednesday 1pm Hatha and 2.15 teacher training as usual
Friday 2.15 as usual.

I am considering a Tuesday and Friday 7pm class to take advantage of the warmer weather of term 4.

NEW – SATURDAY BOTANICAL ART CLASS: “GIVE IT A GO” with Jahne.  4 x 2 hour classes from Saturday 9th October, 2.30pm to 4.30 $75 for members of The Botanical Art Society of Australia, ($85 non-members). Location: Woodend, Victoria.

ZOOM TEACHER TRAINING 6.30 Monday (The Sutras)  STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING 2.15 Wednesday in the Studio.