Have you always thought about becoming a massage therapist?   Not one of those who mindlessly thumps and grinds bodies, but a therapist who by understanding the body in front of them is able to effect profound change….  It could be you.

I have been doing a  PychoPhysical Massage Therapy (PPT), a method of my own devising for more than 30 years, bleeding it with other methods and modalities depending on the client.  It is an art, not just a job, and I can teach you.

ABOUT THIS COURSE:  One personal training session  per week for four weeks, plus home study component.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:  Anatomy and physiology for massage therapists, the philosophy, the basic moves, the basics of PPT, Western and Tibetan methods, Breathing, massage and the law, starting a business and marketing.

COST: Cash – $675 for the course  or Time payment:   $75 deposit and 3 payments of  $210

CERTIFICATION: On graduation you will be registered with The Australasian Yoga Institute (Massage Alliance), and be able to be insured via our specialised Professional indemnity insurer, AON.

VENUE: Spirit Gate Studio, 37 Morris Road, Woodend.  (Look for the Buddha and the flags).  Park on the white gravel – it is there for you.

START DATE: Tuesday 9th July, 2019. 7pm to 9pm

ENROL AND PAY: contact me via E: and I will send you the form.  You can always email to  make a time when I can ring you and we can chat.  


“Do not apply to join us unless you want to be the best”  Jahne


If you want to experience a massage with me, please look at the times I teach yoga

and work out a few possibilities and we will make a time around that which will suit us both.