Dear Yogis,

After my last newsletter I was AMAZED, staggered, to discover how many students out there had no idea what I was talking about when I said ROE VS WADE.  It was a landmark decision in America (1973) which struck down the Texan law criminalising abortion and with that precedent set, enshrined the right of women to make their own decision about abortion, and therefore about their lives.  Prior to that case abortion was illegal.  You might think it does not apply to you – but many of the rights women have in society stem from this decision.  Women after RvsW were able to take their power back, make their own decisions.  Right now, those rights are being threatened.  The America legislature is preparing to reverse the decision, and it is likely that abortion will once again be illegal in at least half the States in America…  once a precedent like this is established, the power of women is eroded, not just in America, but around the world.  Please, please don’t be complacent.



In the same vein, think about taking back your power at the cash register.  Don’t be a slave to the big advertising companies.  Many of the things you buy can be replaced simply by using herbs in your garden and ingredients in your cupboards.

Below is the recipe for HUNGARY WATER.  It is a skin toner that has been used by women throughout history to restore the quality of their skin. Some call it “The Queen of Hungary’s Water”.  Same recipe.   I doubt that it would cleanse the skin of some of the “undercoat” used by women to hide their skin, but once you have cleaned that off, this toner does keep the skin in good condition, and some of my students say it is effective against “troubled” acne prone skin.  I used to have an oily, acne prone skin, and until I started using this toner, even with my mature skin I still suffered/suffer with break-outs.  I use it night and morning – but then, I don’t use a foundation, just moisturiser.  This is a must have for my daily routine…

HUNGARY WATER: A DIY Natural Facial Cleanser

What you’ll need…I find this recipe to be very forgiving with regards to ingredients.. and just use tablespoons measurements for the herbs, though you could also do it by weight.  If you can’t get one ingredient, then compromise, use something close.  You can double to make a big batch, or half the recipe to make a very small batch, but remember to double or half everything. If you need advice, email me.

  1. 3 parts lemon balm or mint (6 tablespoons fresh or 3 dried)
  2. 2 parts chamomile (4 tablespoons fresh or 2 dried)
  3. 2 parts rose petals (4 tablespoons fresh or 2 dried)
  4. 2 parts calendula petals (3 tablespoons fresh or 2 dried)
  5. 2 parts comfrey leaf chopped fined (3 tablespoons fresh or 2 dried)
  6. 1 part lemon/citrus peel (1 tablespoons fresh)
  7. 1 part rosemary (2 tablespoons fresh or 1 dried)
  8. 1 part sage (2 tablespoons fresh or 1 dried)
  9. About 400ml apple cider or wine vinegar (enough to fill large jar – easy and inexpensive if you made your own a few months back when i gave you the recipe.
  10. After soaking the herbs add – Half a cup rose water or witch hazel extract (you can buy this at Coles or make your own) and a few drops essential oil of lavender or rose for scent (optional)

Chop all these herbs up, or quickly blitz in a blender or processor.  Do not make them into mush.  You should be able to see the different ingredients in the jar.
Place the herbs in a widemouthed jar and fill the jar with enough vinegar that it rises an inch or two above the herb mixture.
Cover tightly and let it sit in a warm spot out of direct sunlight for 2 to 3 weeks.
Strain out the herbs first through a strainer, and then a final strain through a coffee filter.
To each cup of herbal vinegar, add 2/3 to 1 cup of rose water or witch hazel. (It is important to dilute the vinegar in this way rather than applying it to your skin straight to prevent burning.)

You can add a drop or two of essential oil, if desired.

You don’t need to refrigerate this toner, it will keep as long as you need it – I hope you like it well enough that you will keep topping it up.  I make a new batch every season.. (Note that if you use raw apple cider vinegar from my recipe  to make it, vinegar mothers will form in the jar and need to be removed periodically.)

(My note: Soak a cotton ball in the vinegar solution and apply to face. You will likely feel a tingly or even slightly burning sensation. If you are using commercial vinegar which is quite harsh, rinse the toner from your face with cool water, pat dry, and then apply your moisturizer of choice — an infused herbal oil or cream, perhaps. Once again I use a home made balm – which I also use all over my body from my toes to my face.  I have a stick of it in every room.  If you want a bag of the herbs to help you make your own, just ask.


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