Dear Yogis,

A thought.  You wouldn’t take a paper plane to impress astronauts at NASA would you?  Are you working on your “paper plane”.  Will at some point it be ready for lift-off?  Hoping for lift-off won’t work, wishing won’t work, taking a paper plane into space won’t work.  You have to understand the forces you are working with, and design a structure that WILL work having studied and tried and failed and kept on going.

But, before we even get to the point of lift off we have to know where we are going, how we are going to get there AND THEN COMMIT TO THE PROCESS.  The process is meditation and prayer.

There are lots of difficulties and lots of opportunities put in our paths today.  You may have meditated or prayed DANGEROUS prayers that will take us onto paths that will really challenge every fibre of our being.  Those are usually prayers that are open ended.  Prayers that rely on God for the path and the result.. Prayers of gratitude, BEFORE the spaceship or the lift-off is visible.

The other day a client was asking me about the confusion she had tried years to get out of.  When she was married she allowed her husband to lead but inwardly rebelled.  Resented everything.   She had forgotten why she married him.  By the time the inevitable divorce happened, she didn’t know what she wanted for herself, or if what she felt was the habit of rebelling even when there was nothing to rebel against, she was still rebelling, still digging her heels in.  There was no possibility of friendship.  The Vedic wedding ceremony ends with the words “…and no matter what happens, may we always be friends”. 

More than the “till death do us part”, it gives us something to work with that takes into account the fact we are humans with all the frailties this implies.

Living alone, when she thought about the road ahead she wanted to know every detail, and know what God had in store.  She asked me “How can I know what God wants?” and told herself that this question would take her into a righteous path.  You can’t get beautiful by dishonour even if you tell yourself the other person deserves this.  You don’t know the path.    It’s the little acts of dishonour that bring strife.  If you treat a person with dishonour they will never grow, neither will you.  If you don’t show honour your prayers may never come to pass.

How can you know what God has in store for you  –  YOU CAN’T or rather, you have only one compass, your heart, and that is how God talks to you. You have to FEEL what to do next, and trust that.  That in itself is difficult because we have to get out of our head and into our heart.  We have to know the difference, and we have to listen to THE STILL, SMALL VOICE.  Then we MUST be honest.  To honour the “voice” and leave the result  up to God.  Relax into the vortex of trust... It is exhausting to work out of a place of distrust, or blaming, of trying to be,  do,  or have something you THINK you deserve..  

Growing love where the ground is barren gives honour.

Show honour and all will be well with you.  Be grateful for something up ahead,  trusting it is wonderful even if you can’t see it. Are you going to take the easy way out? Grumbling to your friends about how you are put-upon, how terrible conditions are, how you deserve more.  Yogis, if you did deserve more you would have more. The more honour you show, the more you will be honoured.

In the “hot-house” of the covid experience, honouring God, knowing there IS A PLAN, is important.  Nothing is wasted…. everything is valuable.Our spiritual bank accounts are empty.  Start building.  Trust that you are loved, cared for.  In my garden the plants don’t know anything has changed.  There is still sunlight, there is still rain, and they still give fruit.