Dear Yogis,

Many of my class travel interstate and internationally  on a regular basis. The change to term charges makes even more sense as the students come and go to class between trips.

In the old days, when I was out and about and travelling every year, my first trips were from Essendon Airport.  We dressed up, wore a hat and gloves, the porter carried your bags to the plane and you walked across the tarmac.  It was all very glamorous like the Agatha Christie movies….

Then they built Tullamarine.  I remember being annoyed when more people started to fly and you couldn’t park right out the front! Then they had to build the car park, and then more and more car parks – and then I joined the Qantas Club and ceased to worry about parking and collecting the car.  To me there is no sense in spending more time looking for a car park than on the trip itself.

I think that today there are two ways to fly – watching your pennies, going economy and spending hours scrambling to nab a park in the car park, or finding another way.  I still would go the Qantas Way via the valet if I possibly could, but if not that I would catch the airport bus (which actually stops in Woodend), or take my time about the arrival and return by getting the train to the city and go to and from the airport via the airport bus stopping in the city to have a wander and a relaxed meal.  Anything to avoid the car park.  Oh yes, and taking only a carry-on.  Don’t take anything you can’t run with – not that I run!

Fees FROM 3rd October (new term) $220 per term. (The Term – 3rd October until the week starting the 12th December).

Monday –  1pm class,  2.15 class as usual. ZOOM FREE Teacher Training 6.30pm 
Don’t forget the free lunch at the Uniting Church in Forest St next to the Police Station. 12.30 Mondays.
Tuesday 9.30 and 1.30 Jahne Teaching at Windarring  NOT HAPPENING ON CUP DAY
Wednesday 1pm Hatha and 2.15 teacher training IN THE STUDIO as usual
THURSDAY – Goodbye free day!! 12 noon our YOGA LUNCH at the Victoria Hotel in Woodend, all welcome –  the next our last for the year 24th November.  
  2.15 Hatha yoga as usual.

WEEKEND ART CLASS (MAYBE SATURDAY, NOT SUNDAY…).  2.30 TO 4.30 ($85 for the four or $25 each).  You are welcome as always. Yesterday we explored the joys of sanding surfaces, using other than brushes, and when doing watercolours, learning to use the brushes properly.  I learned the Chinese way and rest in that knowledge – they REALLY know how to use their brushes and ink, both of which are venerated and are handed down generation to generation.  My own black ink stick is about 40 years old.  Amazing..

See you at the Studio.