Dear Yogis,

Thank you to my lovely yoga students, especially those reading this!!  I often think no-one does.  It takes time to do on Mondays and Fridays just for you.  I know what i am doing, and i live in hope that you will want to know too.  Remember when i used to do this every day during lock-down, plus zoom every day.  Just getting one zoom class up and running at the moment is hard going.  Maybe as time passes you will have exhausted all the social things and will come back.  

BACK IN THE STUDIO – As i said before……There are going to be front of house changes.  I have been looking around at galleries, shops, prices and time, and I have come to the conclusion that setting up a real gallery in my own house is a fabulous option.

I have the perfect space,I have had my carpenter visit, changes are on the way.  Nothing happens as quickly as i would like.   How many of you remember the classes in Gisborne and those in MtMacedon when I had my own gallery and ran yoga classes in the gallery (or showed are in the yoga studio).  It worked.  my own gallery – which I am thinking of calling “Gallery W”.  The “W” for both Woodend and Williams and Wix the web host.  .  I could call it Gallery JHW or just “J.H.W”, but who would remember that – hardly anyone, and who would know what is was, hardly anyone. I could call it Morris Road Studio, but that seems too long and too “grand” for a tiny gallery. “Gallery W” would make a lovely logo or “J’s Gallery of Small Things” which sounds rather lovely (“J’s GOST!”).  Having my own studio would mean that I could have all my art in the one place – right next door to the yoga!!!!  I made a list last night which sets put the steps needed leading up to the change and it is formidable…

What do you think? Let me know – I have had some positive responses.

I will open (I think) Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and special days for special exhibitions.  It will take about a month to get organised.


Windarring Yoga –  Tues. x 2 +Thurs. x 1. (some Fridays)

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) 2.15 Wed. Restorative 1pm.  

TAROT READINGS AT THE STUDIO – Look forward to hearing from you.  You can even come on the weekends, and I can do “doubles” – you and mum, maybe you and a friend.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  As always the last Saturday in the month.  The next at 12noon the 30th September – PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW.. I have booked for us to go to  The Full Moon in Woodend.  Warm, “homey” and great food. I love the Nachos – with chicken – with prawns – vegan, or Mexican.  Any of them are great.


UPCYCLING, RENOVATING.  If your treasured items need re-imagining and mending, come see me – please make an appointment first.. I am pretty well booked until October (unless you are a regular who needs a skirt/pants tweaked), so keep that in mind.  I am thinking of having a STEAMPUNK STRUT close to Valentines day 2024, get back to me if you are interested in taking part.

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO (and at the yoga lunch)