Dear Yogis,

Marijuana plant with cannabis oil, cannabis protein and cannabis seeds 

It has been such a long time since I concentrated on oils, but winter is fast approaching and I am urging you to begin a small stockpile.  If you bought one, now buy two, put them aside.  I recently had a shipment from my supplier “go-astray”, and we are building our customer base so there is more call on what we have, so if you want to be safe rather than sorry – always have a spare.

There will be a price rise I am sure.  We have held the price right down during covid, but I have a feeling that when the next shipment hits the deck it will be way more expensive.  I have seen the oils on the web up to $226 and they are not as good as ours –  so please,  plan for it.

For our 50ml bottle of lovely Hemp Oil  (terpene) we still charge $85 (until things change for us) plus $15 express postage – if you need that – you can always collect from the studio.

If you want to update your email, or/and make an order, we expect new stock in the beginning of next week (I would like to say Friday, but that would perhaps be too optimistic).  Please email me at

I don’t know if you have been having email issues, but Bigpond and Optus have been rejecting some Gmail emails in their efforts to reduce spam and scams.  If you are a gmail customer and have bee experiencing bounce back, then my advice is change your email address.  No other remedy is open to you.


See you on the mat.