How do you like the new logo?  In designing it this way I hope to imply that HEMP is a lifestyle issue which links with yoga.  (It is not MARIJUANA and you won’t get high – I thought I would re-iterate that).  Hemp is a highly nutritious food supplement with a complete complement of Omegas and Protein.  You cannot get high from hemp.. and it can help rebuild your body at every level by building the endocannabinoid system.    To learn more and get some recipes.  Please go to and download GET HEALTHY WITH HEMP.   

IDEAS FROM MY DESK:  It occurred to me that the only place where “luck” comes before “work” is in the dictionary, and moving with this new idea takes work.  Introducing any new idea takes work.  I love the history of hemp, and am spending a lot of time each day to learn how it can help us to improve our lifestyles on every level.  As a business I have always operated from an entirely different perspective than most companies, yoga or otherwise.  I have always responded to need rather than creating them.

To me, the desire to have control over my own life, regardless of the politics operating in my community or country I see as very much part of the human spirit in all of us.  What I realised over time that being a yoga teacher and doing all it implied,  opened the doors to my heart.  I have always tried to inspire you all, to show you that working life can be a pleasure instead of a dreaded thing, exciting.   I do this mostly by education.  By encouraging you all to stretch your abilities and certainly to challenge your imaginations.  I am very interested in minds.

I think that a few fundamental beliefs have empowered me..

  1. That you have to have fun at your “job” your yoga at whatever level you are comfortable with
  2. That if your work is yoga, that is where you should put your love
  3. That where possible you have to go in the opposite direction to everyone else – do it differently

Add to this that I have an holistic view of my business.  I do not focus on profit (although we all have to live), I try to be a force for good, and work for the welfare of my students, for my community, and ultimately for the future of the planet.  Sure I make mistakes, we all do, but I keep going in the direction of my dreams.  I am making every effort and using most of my time to educate people and help them reach their full potential.  It is not enough to make a financial profit – we must also make a spiritual profit.

“The passions are the only advocates which always persuade.  The simplest man with passion will be more persuasive than the most eloquent without”.  – Descartes

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS  are nearly done.  Yoga classes (Restorative) start up again this Saturday at 10 and 12.30.  Class Times are under “classes” above.

HEMP COOKERY CLASSES Starting mid August, and a HEMP information session at Crusoeden Body in Bendigo at the end of the month. Look under “EVENTS”.



Have a great weekend.  It is cold here – snowing up the Mount, and looks like snow here.

Namaste.  JAHNE