Dear Yogis,

E-NEWSLETTER SPECIAL… It has been a year since I sent out a Sunday Newsletter.  

I am spending todays newsletter reporting on a new Mineral/Botanic essence I have put together for you.  I have suffered with a tiredness and brain fog which I have narrowed down to the effects of sitting in front of a computer all day – exacerbated by the vaccines.    I have spoken about it in newsletter previously, but now everything has come together so I can distill what I know down to this one, concentrated, angelic essence.

We have all had our vaccinations, and have been stuck in front of our computers for way too long.  If you are like me (and I suspect you are), your personal energy field will be a whole lot weaker than it used to be before the vaccines, the enforced lockdown, and hours more in front of the computer.

You have had to deal with a lot. Neither your body nor your mind were  built to continually adjust to the coming together of all these forces, plus electromagnetic influences like computers, TVs, cell phones, 5G exposure, EMF,  radiation, high voltage electrical wires, and “buzz” from electrical appliances and wires within the home.  It can manifest at the end of the day with you feeling depressed, off sorts, confused, dizzy etc…

I have made an essence based on the mineral SHUNGITE, and various plant energies which are effective to balance ungrounded or dizzy sensations due to changes in Earth’s electromagnetic fields, solar flares, ELF emissions, or chemtrails.  To this I have added quartz crystal and citrine.

This little “bottle of wonderful” will help your body adjust to the unfamiliar electromagnetics of an area where you are traveling or vacationing.

It will also assists energy workers and other health practitioners to keep your energy fields clear and grounded while with clients, and to rebalance after a session.


Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence
contains the following flower essences (all from my garden – or foraged)

BORAGE FLOWERS – Releases stuck, suppressed anger embedded deep in your body and energy fields from both present and past life experiences.This essence is also detoxifying.

CALENDULA – Provides a sense of peace and safety by creating heart-centered, strong energetic boundaries which are electrically grounded into the Earth. This essence filters psychic intrusion.

CAPE GOOSEBERRY– Assists grounding Guidance downloaded from higher dimensions through your inner knowing and wisdom into daily life. You will find ease with sudden rapid changes and new opportunities. Full “multidimensional systems integration”.

IRIS – Just bursting into bloom at this time of the year….Keeps the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body stable and connected with Earth and Spirit when you are in a disruptive environment, and channels that connection to the cellular level. Even the Chinese knew this – a revered flower.

MICHAELMAS DAISY – An Angelic essence of High order.  Feel angel wings wrapped around you, reassuring you that you are protected and loved. Facilitates communication from your “God Self” with your conscious mind and physical body. Engenders compassionate communication with yourself and others.

PINE – By the authority of my Soul! Instills mental, emotional, and body confidence to integrate conscious awareness with all of your dimensional bodies. Healing past life experiences that keep you in fear of owning your Divine Authority.

PAPER BIRCH TREE – Peel away old energetic layers like tree bark.  Layers that no longer serve you.  Reveal your True Nature – Love and Joy. Let the fullness of your own sunshine radiate around you activating spontaneous de-Light! This botanic also integrates emotional stability.

ROCK ROSE – A fundamental Bach Flower Remedy.  Rose Flower Essence helps to soften your armour against the outside world by illuminating the golden column of light at the center of your body. This protects and opens a safe heart-filled place from which you can engage in life with enthusiasm. It invites you to throw open the windows and breathe in deep peace and joy – to lovingly resonate in harmony with the sweet song of the Universe. Unlock, feel safe and Celebrate Life!!

YARROW– Is luscious at the moment with alternate rain and sun.  Yarrow gives you access to the highest frequency White Light that you are capable of integrating through the crown chakra into your brain and central nervous system. Clears your energy fields, creates a cocoon of White Light and personal boundary protection.  This brings Light down into the cellular level of your body.

These Botanic essences are Energetically Charged in a Crystal Matrix of…..

SHUNGITE:    Shungite offers protection against both ionizing and non-ionizing EMFs. It’s not clear what the full range of frequencies might be that it affects. Several studies suggest shungite offers protection from ionizing radiation, such as ultraviolet and X-rays. A 2017 rodent study discovered a topical shungite preparation imparted significant protection to hairless mice exposed to UVB radiation due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

QUARTZ AND CITRINE:  It has long been recognised that these living crystals gently purify and cleanse the physical body and surrounding energy fields. They increase the flow of Universal Life Force energy throughout the mind, body, and energy fields and protect from unwanted energy intrusions by strengthening energy field boundaries.

Use:  Dropper top: 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

* Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence Blend can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils. It is made according to the method of  of Dr.Edward Bach who discovered the Bach remedies.  The herb and crystal essences are suspended in Rock Water (from a local creek) and dilute alcohol.

Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence Blend. $25.00 includes postage (Bach Flower 5 ml Bottle).
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