Dear Yogis,

I am writing this on Thursday evening – I know I am going to be busy tomorrow… I am getting in early.

EASTER is coming up fast.  Please understand that I DO NOT take holidays over Easter UNLESS you do.  If you are not going to be around for our usual classes, please let me know.  Otherwise everything is as usual.

FRIDAYS:  6.45pm FREE pendulum class
SATURDAY: 2pm TAROT CLASS.  I think I will also be giving a beginners class in knitting and crochet at this time if you want to join.  I really don’t mind what we do in this class – if everyone has a different direction that is totally fine..  As long as we have a finished article at some point.
SUNDAY:  10am THE BEAUTIFUL GITA STUDY GROUP. (Sunday April 4th – Studio Teacher Training)

WEDNESDAY 24th March (1pm Studio Art Class.  Bring unfinished/stalled projects for help. We will also be teaching beginners crochet and knitting in this class)

I now have a battery operated leaf blower, a hedge trimmer, a pruner and a whipper snipper.  All lightweight, all Ozito, all with their batteries attached as part of the package – and very economical.  I am loving it.  I can get twice as much done in a fraction of the time (and energy).  If it wasn’t for God making a whipper snipper available for me (via Val – thanks) at exactly the right time, I would not have moved in this direction. I have, and it has made me feel a whole lot more enthusiastic about the garden, because now I can manage it myself.

I have started work (again) on the MAGDALEN REVELATION CARDS.  As I said to an artist friend who dropped in to see me today, everything takes time.  I did stage one which was organising and pasting on the images.  Stage two is overpainting which I have almost completed – 4 cards to go, then Stage three will be the finishing, and making them as good as they can be, and then I will have to WRITE THE BOOK.  This is going to be quite a job I think,  as the images are not simple.  The ideas contained in each image are philosophical and complex.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to it.  I like writing.

There is so much to do, and the days are getting shorter.  I did get some knitting cotton from the OP shop so have started knitting dishcloths.  Everyone likes them, and I don’t even have to think as I do them.  They are super easy.

I hope you noticed in the last newsletter that I am starting up the monthly teacher training classes IN THE STUDIO (by request).  The first Sunday in each month starting the 4th April.  2pm as usual.  I hope you make time for us and come.  We have to keep a reasonable distance, but I am sure we are all aware, and if you want to wear a mask you can.

I have been sent a fabulous article (well researched, well sourced) about CBD and Alzheimers, and how recent studies suggest that CBD is going to play a major role in staving off of this terrible disease of the protein covering of our cells in the brain – which ends up looking very much like a Swiss cheese.

If you are interested I can send it to you (everyone should be interested).  Please email me  I want many people as possible turned on to the wonderful healing properties of this remarkable oil (which is not hemp oil – a different formulation entirely).

You would do well to read this article, and also go to Netflix and watch WEED THE PEOPLE, which is about the beauty of medical marijuana.  This is a Human Rights Issue, not just a push for decriminalisation.  If you are confused about this issue, please chat, there is a lot of misinformation out there.  I have always urged my students to watch TED TALKS, and of course the Netflix film.  Mostly an American or European view… but  things change.


I have some fabulous fresh Turkey Tail Mushroom powder. $35 including postage.   This is a booster of the immune system and can enhance your dreams.  I thought it was just me – but a lot of my clients tell me that they now dream in technicolour and smellavision – they never did before, and were lucky to get the odd black and white version.  Boosting the immune system is what I take it for, anything else is a wonderful bonus.

I am shortly expecting a new shipment of DAMIANA HERB TEA – also for relaxation and anxiety.  This used to be a marijuana substitute BEFORE marijuana was bred for potency – it is a different plant to what it used to be.